How much info for new artist?

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I added my first release to the database, THE LION KING: AN ORCHESTRAL FANTASY, and listed on the website for it are three artist which I was going to add as performers. One of them, SatJe, I was able to find his Facebook and Spotify links, but for the other two, Liza Haraldsson on violin and Sung Jin Cho on guitar, I was not able to find any info. Should I create entries for these two on the MusicBrainz database despite only knowing their names and that they play one instrument?


Yes, please do. You may not be able to find more, but another editor may, or more projects they’re involved with may get added to MB and linked to the entries you create.


OK, I added them both.

On another note, will all the info that’s in orange on the release be deleted at some point or is it gonna stay permanently? It’s the first release I added so I’m checking to see if I did the Works thing correctly.

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Welcome to the site.
The yellow colour indicates that there are edits pending.
Your account is a “Beginner” for the first few weeks mainly as an anti spam measure so all your edits are open for 7 days and can be voted before they are applied.
From memory your account needs to be 2 weeks old and have a certain amount (I think this was 10) edits successfully applied.

Once you account is a normal account new additions are automatically applied but some things such as merging and renaming still need to be up for 7 days or 3 yes votes before they are applied.


You are removing an awful lot of relationships from all the works.
I would cancel most of those as they seemed to be correct how they were so there is no reason to remove all of these relationships.

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I deleted those relations cause they werent about the especific tracks in this release. They about the original songs used in the Lion King while these are orchestral covers of them. All except “Circle of Life” are instrumental. It’s not the tracks from the original soundtrack of the movie minus the vocals, they sound completely different, this is why I added they were “instrumental” and “covers”, except for “Circle of Life” which has vocals and so only a “cover”. So it didn’t seam right to leave the parts of the work that said this track had appeared in other releases or had a lyricists since this is not the same track as the work, thou it is based on it. Should I still cancel the edits?


A Work is the entity that represents the song and who wrote it.
This is shared with all performances of that so if someone comes years later and does a cover it will use the same work as the tune and lyrics are shared.
So you should not remove relationships for the work as that is impacting everyone else.
So can you cancel your edits on the common works.


To make it easier to my head, I see a “work” as the script. The written music and words on a bit of paper. Which is shared by every performance.

The “recording” is the specific performer making their own edition of it. Choosing instruments and vocalists. This is more unique. You have recordings on your CD.

So you can have many different “recordings”, all linked to the same “work”.


I did not know that deleting those relations removed them from all entries of that work, I believed it was just for that release. I have canceled the edits.


So, after receiving a flood of e-mails of no votes I have learned that canceling the edits I had made from the edit list of the release was just canceling the relation of the release to the work and that every time I clicked those “x” I was sending an edit request to the work itself. Making matters worse is that in my confusion about the orange text I did the edits multiple times, cause I had make sure I hadn’t made a mistake.

The end result was almost 200 edits which were promptly voted NO, which sent an e-mail, and that I now had to cancel. Took 40 minutes but I canceled all the edits I made to the works one at time.

Quite the learning experience.


Only by making mistakes do you really learn anything. :smiley:

Don’t let it put you off. This is a complex place to get your head around, but once you do there is a lot of power in the data here.

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Sorry about all the mails you received :frowning: Surely not the best experience to get feedback for a small mistake. I think @dns_server tried to save you from the e-mail trouble, but me and chaban and probably others placed our downvotes. I just wanted to make sure the removal does not get through.

Thanks for staying with us through the process :smiley:


There is a fast cancel user script with which cancelling tons of edits is faster. Click cancel once for each edit in edit list.

You can even input a last edit note before clicking Cancel.

Wait for all cancels to be submitted before leaving your current edit list page.


Don’t worry about that. After a few more edits you will get the hang of it. A helping hand is always appreciated.