How many tracks are there for this CD?

I have a copy of K.T. Tunstall’s Eye to the Telescope.. It has 13 tracks, 12 music and one ‘data track’. The MB entry for the release shows only the 12 music tracks. When I try to add the disc id / TOC via Picard, an error message is shown saying “None of the mediums on this release can have the given CD TOC attached, because they have the wrong number of tracks.” See below…

How can I add the TOC for my disc?
How did the others that are already there get added? Did they have a different number of tracks?

Possibly you just have a different release with the additional data track? All the disc IDs attached to that release have 12 tracks

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Do you have the same MEDIAMOTION matrix of the linked Discogs page?

What is on that Data partition? Is it just the copy protection stuff?

Looking at the history of that Release those DiscIDs are all pre-NGS. So none of them have actually been attached to that release. If you are confident the release is wrong, line up the DiscIDs to be deleted and then add your Enhanced track to the release.

I can’t get the third page of the edit notes to load as it keeps bugging out on the server, but a search let me see all the discIDs are pre-NGS. I can’t see any edits specific to that release apart from the artwork copied from Discogs.

Edit: Looking at those DiscIDs they are clearly garbage. There is a 2 minute difference in some of them!

Better to burn the lot and add your real DiscID.


No, the linked Discogs one is slightly different.
Thanks for the suggestion.

My CD is made in Argentina. There’s a Discogs entry for that, but little artwork. The artwork for the EMI release on MB in the bottom right corner of the jewel case back has “Place of manufacture as stated on label” Just to the left of it, the MB artwork has “F”. Mine has “Inpreso en Argentina”. Discogs also has sone disambiguation notes for the Argentina version that matches mine.

I will add mine to MB as a new release in the same release group with 13 tracks (inc the data track), country = Argentina and then add the discid.

I’ve no idea what is on the data track. Probably the copy control stuff.

Wrt to the existing MB entries for the other copy control cd, I’m sceptical that they have only 12 tracks. I expect that all of the copy control discs have 13 tracks. Can those discids be for 13 tracks but attached due to pre NGS timeframes. Sorry if this is not possible and it’s a silly idea!

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Where / How do you inspect the discids to see that?

In that case, make a new release. Different artwork and different manufacturer is a new release. (I also assume a different barcode?) We have to leave the messy DiscIDs to another person. In Europe there are both Copyright Controlled and normal CDs around. So we have not enough evidence to clean these up yet.

I do two main things. First I do a search on the Edit History to see when discIDs were attached. All of them came from a time in history when there were not separate “Releases” like we have now. (pre-NGS). So no one has actually attached any of these discIDs to this actual release. And also not ever hit a “Set Track Lengths” either. This makes me distrust them, but lack of proof stops me from deleting.

As to the lengths… just look at the DiscID tab. You can’t get five different discID lengths like that.

They vary in length from 45:09 to 47:13!

Also, if you click on each of the discIDs you see them attached to the same set of releases in each case. Again makes me trust them less.

Another trick to do is open the pages for the discID where you see the TOC in a new browser tab. I know the KUKO*** disc is a legit Euro CD as I have a copy of that (from a different release). If you open a separate tab in your browser for the first two releases, and flip back and forth between the two pages, it makes it easy to compare track times. In this example the Gc_N* adds two seconds to every track. This is something you see from homebrew CD-Rs.

As I have looked at a LOT of discIDs, I am confident in removing that 45:29 CD from the database. But the 47:13 is just odd. I want to delete it, but can’t be certain. Maybe this release does have a longer track 9 and 12 and a short track 10? But my lack of any proof means I have to leave this discID for another editor.


I have an edit submitted for this. I have added an extra track to represent the track, but I cannot set the length of the track. It should be 26:21 (EAC shows it’s length as 26:20.53). How do I do this please?

Add your discID and set it from that is easiest. That also gives times accurate to thousandths of a second (something you cannot do by hand). Always the best way.

As you ripped with EAC, also note that Picard will upload the EAC log for you if you don’t want to get the CD out the box. (I iz lazy and like dis feature… :grin:)

OR just type on the ?:?? in the track list

Can’t use Picard on it until the edit
to add the medium as been completed … My version does not appear in the list of discs to select from.

type on the ?:?? does not work for the last track - the data track. Greyed out!

The EAC log does not include the data track… neither does cueripper

I don’t understand this topic very much, sorry.

But this is not how we add data tracks.
You see the disc ID are 12 tracks (audio tracks), correct.

You should add a 12 track CD release from your disc ID and then add the data track, by checking the box called This disc contains data tracks at the end in the Tracklists tab of the release editor.


Hello @jesus2099

The start of this conversation is that I tried to add a disc ID for my CD using Picard, but I was unable to do that because it has a different number of tracks. The assumption is that it is 12 vs 13 that my CD has. So, the idea was to add a release with 13 tracks. How do I add a disc ID with 12 tracks in it when the CD has 13?

I tried adding an explicit data track as you suggest and the problem of a mismatch continues.
How can I see the disc ID that picard has generated? It seems to not be 12 or 13 tracks…

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@dpr - paste your EAC log up in this thread… there is something funky going on with your CD.

Most specifically the TOC

TOC of the extracted CD

     Track |   Start  |  Length  | Start sector | End sector 
        1  |  0:00.00 |  3:34.42 |         0    |    16091   
        2  |  3:34.42 |  4:11.33 |     16092    |    34949   
        3  |  7:46.00 |  3:36.42 |     34950    |    51191   
        4  | 11:22.42 |  2:52.28 |     51192    |    64119   
        5  | 14:14.70 |  3:31.40 |     64120    |    79984   
        6  | 17:46.35 |  3:48.05 |     79985    |    97089   
        7  | 21:34.40 |  4:01.07 |     97090    |   115171   
        8  | 25:35.47 |  3:50.05 |    115172    |   132426   
        9  | 29:25.52 |  3:21.53 |    132427    |   147554   
       10  | 32:47.30 |  4:02.57 |    147555    |   165761   
       11  | 36:50.12 |  4:27.03 |    165762    |   185789   
       12  | 41:17.15 |  3:48.07 |    185790    |   202896   

That is from my EAC log of the standard 12 track UK version of this release

@jesus2099 - there is another odd looking release already in this RG. It has two “data tracks” as part of the TOC: Disc ID “9H3anLYBl_v_9MEJtOmF0OIIcYM-” - MusicBrainz

Track	Start	Length	End
Time	Sectors	Time	Sectors	Time	Sectors
1	0:02	150	3:35	16092	3:37	16242
2	3:37	16242	4:11	18858	7:48	35100
3	7:48	35100	3:37	16242	11:25	51342
4	11:25	51342	2:52	12928	14:17	64270
5	14:17	64270	3:32	15865	17:48	80135
6	17:48	80135	3:48	17105	21:37	97240
7	21:37	97240	4:01	18082	25:38	115322
8	25:38	115322	3:50	17255	29:28	132577
9	29:28	132577	3:22	15128	32:49	147705
10	32:49	147705	4:03	18207	36:52	165912
11	36:52	165912	4:27	20028	41:19	185940
12	41:19	185940	6:20	28507	47:39	214447
13	47:39	214447	26:20	118522	1:14:00	332969
14	1:14:00	332969	413 ms	31	1:14:00	333000

These are not normal data tracks.

I am guessing this is what @dpr’s looks like.

@dpr - what happens if you submit a NEW release from your discID? Does it have 12,13 or 14 tracks?

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How do I do that please?

(will respond with the EAC log
in a while… out and about, but not at the cherry tree)

Submit the disc ID from Picard and then, after searching any artist, click Add Release button.
There, in the release editor, you will see how many tracks your disc ID is. :slight_smile:

Or, faster but more geeky: Submit your disc ID from Picard and look at the URL:… where you see toc=1%2018%20 where %20 is a space, so it means toc=1 18 … 18 tracks.

That does not work - see the error screen at the start of this thread!

The URL way is helpful. Thanks

 Track |   Start  |  Length  | Start sector | End sector 
    1  |  0:00.00 |  3:34.42 |         0    |    16091   
    2  |  3:34.42 |  4:11.33 |     16092    |    34949   
    3  |  7:46.00 |  3:36.42 |     34950    |    51191   
    4  | 11:22.42 |  2:52.28 |     51192    |    64119   
    5  | 14:14.70 |  3:31.40 |     64120    |    79984   
    6  | 17:46.35 |  3:48.05 |     79985    |    97089   
    7  | 21:34.40 |  4:01.07 |     97090    |   115171   
    8  | 25:35.47 |  3:50.05 |    115172    |   132426   
    9  | 29:25.52 |  3:21.53 |    132427    |   147554   
   10  | 32:47.30 |  4:02.57 |    147555    |   165761   
   11  | 36:50.12 |  4:27.03 |    165762    |   185789   
   12  | 41:17.15 |  3:48.07 |    185790    |   202896   
   13  | 47:37.22 | 26:20.53 |    214297    |   332849   

I think I know what is happening though… stay tuned.

  1. Click your URL
  2. Select the correct artist KT Something
  3. Click Add a new release
  4. Paste the appropriate release group URL in the release group field
  5. Fill in the details
  6. Try to reuse the recordings if they are correct by copy pasting their URL in the Recordings tab (it’s tedious, you can reuse existing release instead but then you have to fix track times)
  7. If the data track does contain some additional music content (only then), click This disc contains data tracks at the end and add as many tracks as there are contents

It all works for me, no error message.

  • Don’t bother about other releases that may be wrongly input (for many possible reasons)
  • Don’t bother with data tracks if they have no musc content

(Sorry - had an ID-10T client on the phone the last two hours…)

That bit at the bottom would let you add a new one.


Or click this link made from your EAC log…

Then on the page that opens…

Paste your new release MBID ( 104d9cc4-8b53-4687-b78b-4be98225fa91 ) in that bottom box.

Bingo. AND well done - you broke it. LOLz

I really isn’t you. I tried to add this to your release. And it is not happy. I got your same error screen.


Okay, so your EAC log converts to a 12 track release. Which is more “normal” for enhanced CDs. Change your Release to look like this:

Now it will work as expected

Stash this: as it lets you paste EAC TOCs onto the web page and submit discIDs. That’s how I made the above submission link…

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the delete track edit has been submitted…

Beware - EAC can’t be trusted on the length of a data track, it mis-calculates it as if it was a CD-DA audio track. If there’s a media file, look up the correct duration from the file properties or via your favorite media player :wink: