How long after submitted DiscID is query-able via other apps?

I’ve submitted a few tens of CD TOCs via Picard. After some time <1 day I can query for those discs in Picard via Lookup CD and the right disc is found. However, querying in dbPoweramp or Media Monkey doesn’t yield a result. How long should it take for that data to percolate through and be available?


Something seems to be broken on the dbpoweramp side.
It was mentined a few months back.

Has anyone followed up with the developers? it might be worth contacting them.


My own tagger would get the data using the discid like this…

I took the discid from the first release you posted - you can obviously replace the discid with any other and should get the results straight back. If it’s available in the browser, than any tagger should be be able to access it too.

As mentioned above, if other taggers are using mirrors with broken replication then you’ll have to bug them to fix it.


That is one likely explanation. Is it known whether dbpoweramp uses a mirror?

The other, but probably less likely, cause could be that dbpoweramp does something wrong on disc ID calculation. Does it show what disc ID it actually looks up?

UPDATE: According to the dbpoweramp forums this us a bug in their software and it got fixed in the beta version, see


Thanks, @outsidecontext! I’ll snag the beta.