How does peer review work?

Hello everyone! I’m wondering how peer review works. A couple of things I’ve edited have been “added to the queue,” but I’m not sure exactly what that means. Do people automatically get alerted, or do I need to post these things somewhere for them to be looked at?

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When you enter certain (destructive, non-recoverable) edits, or if you are a new editor, the edits are entered into a queue for review and voting. See for more information.



Peeping at your edits list might make it a bit clearer as well.
To do so, go to your profile page (in MB, not in this forum) and click ‘edits’, bringing you to:
Click ‘open edits’ for just the ones that are in the queue.

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Basically, you have to wait for 7 days.
If no one votes your edit get accepted.

If someone votes against your edit (“No vote”) you need at least 2 “Yes votes” to get your edit accepted nevertheless. Most of the time such a “No vote” has an explanation why it is not a good idea to accept your edit. Some ot the “No voters” can be convinced that your edit is fine (but honestly, this will happen very rarely :wink:).