How does one search recordings across all fields in the XML web service?

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On the main MB web site it’s possible to search for recordings by entering the names associated with the recording, names such as the recording title, artist(s) and release group. The web-based search seems to do a good job of searching across multiple fields to find relevant results. However in the XML web service this does not seem to be possible. In fact, if you do what looks like it might be a generic/all-fields query such as"la voix humaine gswing electro swing vol 1" the documentation says that this will only search in the recording name (which certainly seems to be the case when I try it).

First, don’t use quotes if you want the search server to consider each word separately. The following query already gives better results although it doesn’t search into fields other than recording name: voix humaine gswing electro swing vol 1

Second, the future replacement search server based on Solr will be multi-field by default. For example, Le Major Melon Electro Swing returns a recording called “La Voix Humaine” amongst others.

Ahh, thanks for the tips! Is there a planned release date for the new search server?

Not yet, it is currently deployed in test only and still requires a bit of parameters tuning.
One can probably expect it as the default/production search server within next month.

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