How do you keep on top of new releases?

I don’t mean stuff that’s already in MB. I mean like, how does everyone keep up with new releases so they can add them to MB? Are there effective ways of keeping tabs on potentially hundreds of artists so you can add releases the day they are released? Or does everyone just basically watch social media for groups/genres(like a reddit sub for your favourite genre)?

A lot of Bandcamp subscriptions. If it’s not on Bandcamp, I’m probably not adding it quickly, sorry artists.

A MusicBrainz editor, @elomatreb, has also made this tool, which generates new release RSS feeds for Bandcamp or Spotify artist pages (without requiring an account):
External Resources - MusicBrainz Wiki > ReleaseFeed
Could be very useful for what you’re talking about!


In ranked order from “will mostly likely to get me to add to MB”, to “I’ll think about it”:

  1. A handful of music blogs I follow via RSS that include a digital storefront link I can use with A-Tisket
  2. SoundCloud feed
  3. BandCamp email notifications
  4. Social media posts from a very small number of artists I follow

Edit: I’m gonna have to check out @elomatreb’s tool, that looks jazzy (and decentralized, a huge plus in my book). Thanks for posting the link, @aerozol.


Ohhh release feed would be perfect if a person could pull a list of spotify URLs from a MB collection and have it monitor them all! (my main collection is up to 496 artists at the moment :laughing: )

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For Japanese CD, I subscribed my favourite artists at HMV Japan website.
They usually inform me 2 or 3 months before releases, which is also useful in case I want to preorder a first press limited edition.

I don’t really need to know about releases in advance, I just want to not miss them, and for Japan for me there is no other way.

For French artists and artists sold in France, I regularly go to CD shops, so I usually see new releases for my favourite artists within the release month, soon enough.
Sometimes I read some music magazines and can learn this way, as well.

For Vietnamese artists, it has always been difficult because they press so few items of each album that it is often already sold out when I go there.
And nowadays there are almost no CD anymore, over there.


Following artists on Spotify notifies you when they release anything new, I mainly use that for adding new stuff (not that I’m very consistent with it)

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I’m pretty bad at keeping up with new releases, but I do follow artists on Bandcamp. I’ll end up importing some of them, mostly because it’s an album I’ve now got or will get.

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I keep track off a couple of spotify playlists that feature new music. I load them in a small web-app I built and it checks if the isrc of the song is found on musicbrainz and if it is not, I add the release via atisket.

If people are interested, I might make a public version of it some day.

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I think you (and probably many others) will like this app. I’ve been using it in recent years and I definitely recommend it for the time constrained among us.


Ohhh self hosted even. I will have to give this a try! Thank you!

Oh, useful tool. Would be nice to have tidal/deezer support though as spotify is blocked for me and bandcamp is often dont have artists i am interested in.

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I actually made the tool:

You can enter a spotify playlist and check if the songs are already in MusicBrainz. If they are not, you can add them easily via the a-tisket tool. It is a great way to stay on top of new releases that might be added to MusicBrainz