How do you find out where your album was released?

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how do you fined out where your album was released when the audio flies have no metadata?

and Dont tell me to use discogs it will not help as most of my albums are old and most od what people have put on there for them is a gess based on the county the singer is in or based on the county it was distributed in or the country the Label is from

i have one where the county the label and the singer are from is the usa it was printed there as well but it was distributed in canada only for this album i have in my hand and i have albums that dont tell you where thay were distributed only where thay were printed and have the labels country wich may at times be different and some that only have the labels country

a lot of mine have distributed in canada some have usa as well and some others have other countrys

When there is a postal address for the label, I use that country as the release country. If there is no postal address, but I know where the label is based, I will use that (for instance I would list Italy as the release country for any Black Saint release).

I don’t consider manufactured in / printed in to be definitive, although if I think something is a US release, noting that it says “Manufactured in Holland” would make me check a little more carefully.

The artist’s country is rarely useful except in the case of self-released or small vanity label projects.

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The short answer - impossible to be sure.

The longer answer - research and experience. :slight_smile:

There are a few pointers on a disc and packaging as to the Market that disc was aimed at. For example, the ones you are describing sound like USA discs to me. Or maybe USA + Canada. (I’d have to see the images/examples).

Or, more likely, you have a lot of “Worldwide” releases as many of the discs I have worked on with you previously would have been sold direct from the artist’s own website. And if there is Worldwide shipping, then you have a worldwide release. He wants to spread The Word.

Discogs is not ideal for these kinds of Releases as there are not enough collectors of them on there. Yet for some artists it can be an excellent resource. Just depends who has added the data. (Wikipedia is a similar one for being hit n miss depending on the interests of the contributors)

You need to “Find the geeks” who have produced a catalogue. Some of the artists I follow pop up on fan created websites who have been documenting the details over the decades. Or the band themselves have some of their history. (Though it is a little funny as to how often the band themselves haven’t a clue as to what was released when :laughing:)

For the large artists on big name labels it is very common to have a CD printed in one country, paperwork printed in a different country, and then sold on a totally different continent. I bought a CD New from Amazon in the UK - but it was actually produced for the Argentine market. But as Amazon are huge, they just moved stock from South America over to Europe and sent me one of those disks. This means your place of purchase isn’t enough either.

I have a number of CDs in my collection that were “Made in France”. These are from obscure punk bands which I know would only have released a small number of these albums in the UK. So they are UK releases, but that is only due to my own knowledge.

And as to DATE of release - close to impossible to nail down. Usually you only see copyright dates on a disc. A first issue of a release may well be the same year… but reissues then get very messy to nail down dates.

The best source is the artist themselves. There is more chance of getting dates by digging into the artists old sites, old promotion material, the artists’ own pages. Find interviews with the guy when he is talking about his music. Talking about his works. And next up, look for the fans talking about the artists. Or the pages created by fans. THAT is the most reliable place to go.

Even the handful of discs I have helped you with I could see an Australian artist starting with self released discs. Therefore Australian. He then goes off to Nashville and release stuff there making USA releases.

Trying to nail down dates can be comical. In the past 18 months I have learnt far too much about the small details of music production, CD presses, glass mastering, and all kinds of weird little bits of knowledge that surely only the truly mad would care about. :rofl: But then I love a bit of research and daft details.

Much of this comes down to a level of proof. How SURE are you about the information? MB’s guidelines.


If there is worldwide shipping, the release country is wherever the artist resides and ships the releases from. You can only truly have worldwide releases for digital releases. Physical releases should never be [Worldwide].

A first issue may very well also be a later year though, so don’t rely on this. :slight_smile: (It will never(?) be before the copyright date though, so that’s at least something…)

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so for these albums where would you say they are released

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I would consider those all to be US releases.


If you buy from a regular city CD store also, and that they did not advertise the CD as an import, then it’s released in your country, at least.


well most of my disc are from a koorong physical store or some small physical resale store here in australia


Koorong is an unusual type of store.

They have actively sought out and bought up numerous other Christian record labels across the world. This store is also a record label. And they are certainly keen on bringing in other sources of music to expand the stock.

In these three examples I would say they are still USA releases, with Koorong importing them for sale. Though someone could equally argue that Steve will have wanted the release available in his home country.

How many other stores would you see these in? How often do they pop-up in the big high street record stores? If widely available, then you can say that was a “general release”. If only available in a couple of limited stores then I would call them imports.


you would only see it in Christian based stores and even then it is likely to be newer releases if it is a small store same with most Christian music if it was hillsong on the other hand or someone even more well know thay may then pop up in other stores as well

when i contacted koorong they said “quite a few of these CDs are brought in from overseas”
it is hard to know what ones i have are from koorong as a lot of them were purchased when i was young

I try and picture what is going on. In this example, there is only one factory, producing one set of discs. One set of artwork is produced with the USA addresses. And that is then sold on to every one else. So it is USA.

(Thanks @Freso for clearing up Website sales in my head.)

All of these Christian stores are making separate orders for their discs for sale. They contact Steve’s distributor in Tennessee and buy their separate stock.

If Steve had wanted to sell more copies into Aus then he would have got a contract with an Australia distributor to actively run around the country promoting his product and supplying other stores for sale.

In my (simplified) eyes: if Steve has an Aussie team putting in the effort to do the sales then that is an Aus release. If the Aus stores are contacting Steve for copies to sell then that is a USA release.

Koorong’s response of “brought in from overseas” says import to me.


yer the only thing that is giving me hesitation about usa is that 2 of them dont say distributed in usa thay only have canada witch makes me ask why is it saying only canada if it is a usa release. would it not say distributed in usa if it was a usa release? or distributed in usa and canada if it was released in both? to me distributed means that is were the owner is actively selling that release

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This is where Doubt creeps in and probably points to leaving the country blank.

I’d be looking for patterns of what Steve’s company seem to be doing. Which companies he is employing to distribute the discs over the years.

I’d also be looking around for old news articles and interviews to see if he ever talks about a “Canadian fan base” or “Canadian Releases”. Has the guy ever put out a biography?

For example, these two discs could be at a time that Steve did his own USA distribution, but had a separate company in Canada doing distribution. He could then be cutting corners and only printing one set of artwork then the Canadian company is the only one to be credited. It would still be a USA release in that case.

OR it could be that these are Canadian releases, but when Koolong put in an order for some discs Steve just grabbed the first box of discs to hand. And shipped Canadian market disc to Australia for sale. (I’ve had Amazon do this to me - I have an Argentine market disc, for a US Artist, purchased new in the UK)

If I had more time I’d be looking into Sparrow. Seems to me like these are a USA project of his to spread his music into the States.

This is the problem - you can’t really be sure. I’d probably put it down as USA due to the other Releases being aimed at that market. In most cases with Steve there are only one version of a Release.

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Haha - hang on @st3v3p - I just realised this is Steve Green. I was confusing him with Steve Grace.

So many Steve’s… I’m getting them confused. :smiley:

Looking at Steve Green’s page of releases and reading the Wikipedia articles I think you’ll be on a fairly safe bet with these being USA releases.

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Other little notes I’ll add:

When I look at an artist like Steve Green with loads of partial data like that there are a few other items I’d do.

Looking at Steve and his website - have you ever seen any mention at ALL of Vinyl? Cassettes? It seems clear that this guy only releases CDs.

So again going back to that MB list of Release for Steve, I’d be a little unsure about the first couple of 1984 items as they could be tapes as there are less tracks, but otherwise I’d be fairly certain they are all CDs after that.

Especially this example:

Look at that one and click on the discID tab. And there are two discIDs attached to this release. So you can be 98% certain that this came from a standard CD.

Yes, it is technically possible that it was an Enhanced CD or SACD, but with Steve that is unlikely. He keeps it simple. In this example I’d be setting most of those with a discID to be medium = CD.

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the old ones have been sold on tape as well as cd not sure about vinle
here is one of the albums released on tape as well as cd at the same time

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it looks like sparrow use to be a canadian company and most of the album images iv looked at on discogs have disrupted in canada on them tho some have made or manufactured in the usa on the including at least 2 of mine on the cd

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That brings back enough doubt to be “unsure” of the data.

But, again, a bit of common sense - discIDs mean you know those ones were CDs.

For those without discIDs, reading the edit history also lets you spot how the data was entered. If it was typed by hand, then you can never be sure. If it came from freedb import and there is no sign of a “Side A \ Side B” split then I’d be fairly confident I had a CD I was working on. If it was a Discogs import then check back where it came from and see what the importer skipped.

But the key is - if you are not sure, leave the data blank. If you are 95% happy that these are CD releases then leave good notes as to why.

Not sure why you think Sparrow is Canadian. Check out the label page here at MB and Wikipedia ( ) and they are USA


thay are now baesd in the US but if you look at some of steves old albums like this one it has them listed in bc canada it not the usa. looks like thay moved to the usa or started adding usa as the hq in 1991 based on 2 steve green albums i have in hand (hide 'em in you heart vol1 1990) (we believe 1991) It seams like all his albums up to 1996 at the latest had canada as the country thay were disrupted in then around 1996 (may have been a bit before this date)they added usa to it as a disrupted country and the some time in the 2000’s they removed canada as a disrupted country

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so based on that info where do you think it was likely to be released? US still for all the albums?
here is 2 of his albums on trove