How do I submit completed ID3 tags from my library?

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f58fb9f1dd8> #<Tag:0x00007f58fb9f1ce8> #<Tag:0x00007f58fb9f1bf8>

Because I hope you don’t think I intend to manually input everything onto this website.

You could be more polite and install MusicBrainz Picard Tagger, then enable its Add cluster as release plug-in.
Then drop your album files in left side, click Cluster button.
Then right-click your cluster (album) and click the plug-in and review your release in your web browser before submission.

But first of all make sure it’s an existing release and not some homemade MP3 compilation.
Find sources/references and cite them in the edit note.


Add Cluster As Release is great as it also fills in album titles and track times.

Also check out the < Track Parser > button on the Track editing page. You can kick text around in notepad before uploading in a block.


Hello DerekFerric.
Although the graphic design on MusicBrainz looks so big-business and expensive, way over 99.9% of people here are volunteers. There is a skeleton paid crew who manage to keep the basics going. And the rest of us are volunteers. Just like you.
When you write “… I hope you don’t expect …” it reads to your fellow volunteers that you don’t appreciate the efforts of those volunteers who work out how to get data entered and do the coding to have it happen.

Anyway, thanks for going to the trouble of finding out how to enter the data you’ve got into the MusicBrainz db.
You’ve already found the right place to ask questions and get support from your fellow volunteers and the very occasional admin/paid employee.


(one of your fellow volunteers who, at times, have felt frustrated when trying to enter data )