How do I report a bug with works

How or where do I report a bug to MusicBrainz about Works not posting and adding correctly? The regular way doesn’t keep the entry.
Add work doesn’t keep or correctly record

Rewrite with the issue

The issue has to do with adding works the way it is supposed to record and Add work doesn’t hold the data,

A. Just works is having the problem
B. Existing works have no issues
C. Add work will allow you to type and submit, It will not record to the database.

The problem started intermittently the last 2-3 weeks and is affecting me with every new WORKS.

Tickets are here:

How are you adding the works? I’ve added dozens of works this week via the Edit Relationships page on a Release. Also as a test I created one manually from the Add Work menu without a hiccup.

Can you better describe where it fails for you?

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I tried adding to a new single A/B song.

For both of these, the release would enter ok.
Then the work isn’t filled for Gamblin’ Man. I will fill it and nothing will stay.
for Gamblin Man,
I tried to add the work in add work. Every enters with no issues.
But, the issue is Works doesn’t have the entry
Carl Douglas - Works - MusicBrainz.

This has been happening for weeks and this week anything that is new isn’t keeping.

I did a new entry for Adele as a test. Since the information was fully filled out in works, I had no issues

The issue is just works

I hope this is clearer and you can follow.

Thanks for your help

(By the way. I’m going to shutdown Tampermonkey and see if a script is acting up)

One more thing

I open Add work

and this is in relationships

no type: Carl Douglas

You must select a relationship type and target entity for every relationship.

Overview A & B are listed

If I go to edit relationships B is missing (Gamblin Man)

That single shows Gamblin’ man is by Biddu - Works - MusicBrainz

And it is listed there - but twice. The WORK looks okay… (I merged those two works now into one)

But the Single page is strange. I see something very strange on the Release Relationships Editor page.

Now that IS a new bug. Never seen a track missing from that page before.

On my end. Gamblin man does not show in works.

Do I have a bug in my account for work?


Thanks chaban.
I can’t go on trying to add entries or works.
I’ll make a mess of MBZ if I try

I fixed it by clickin on the “Gamblin Man” Recording on the Release page. And then added Work to the Recording.

That has now bypassed the bug. Work now attached, and the Release’s Edit Relationships page now works again.

Thanks. There’s a small mess to clean up. There is an extra relationship group with A /B songs and no track.

I did some research on the Biddu artist entries are the same Biddu. On Discogs There’s a song in Buddu but Budda and Orchestra and Summer of '42 is in there.