How do I remove an accidental rating?


Noobie question: I was poking around in my profile and found the section for Ratings. Turns out I have accidentally given a track a four star rating.

How do I remove this rating?

As I don’t actually know how I added it in the first place, it is a little confusing as to how to now get rid of it.

I tried the manual, but it is just a definition of what a rating is - nothing in there about how to add\remove\change ratings.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you go to the track you rated you will see the rating stars on the right panel. Clicking a star gives it the according rating, clicking on the same star again removes the rating.


Excellent. Thanks, that works. The old classic - easy when you know how.

But - as a site noob I have to say - wow is that well hidden. Some excellent parts of this website are just hidden from view. Things like this should be in the help files.