How do I relate a character to its creators?

hello! i was wondering if there was any relationship that i should be using to relate a character to the person who invented it? if it doesn’t exist, i would be surprised. i’m mostly asking to see if i missed something, because there does seem to be many artist-artist relationships. the closest i can find is founder but i don’t really know if that’s correct…

for a more specific reference: i wanted to properly connect this mannequin called “charlotte”, to her creators poppy and titanic sinclair.


All we have right now is the “voice of” relationship, which would apply if the creator also voiced the character. There is a similar “portrayal” relationship ticket that’s been languishing in the pipeline for years.

If what you’re looking for is more general than this, you can make a STYLE ticket.


what I might do if I were you, you can add that information in the annotation for the character, perhaps on the creator’s pages too, if it’s significant enough. that’d be better than nothing, at least until it’s officially supported

“Founder” seems to be intended as a person-to-group relationship, i.e. the founder of an orchestra, dance group, or Japanese/Korean idol group. as such, I don’t know that it would apply in this case…

I would agree that a ticket may be in order

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