How Do I Refresh The File/Track List

all my metatags have been updated a lot

but i see no way to refreshh the Musicbrainx list

What exactly do you mean with refresh? If you have changes on MusicBrainz you want to see on a release already loaded in Picard you can use the context menu on the release (right side pane) and choose reload.

If you have changes in your files done outside of Picard you would need to remove the files from Picard and load them again to see the changes.

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you are kisdding???

so Musicbrainz’ idea of refresh is delete everything and start agin?

some refresh solution. NOT.

Maybe you can explain in full what you are trying to achieve. Why and what exactly do you need to refresh? You have edited the tags of some files with some other tool while the files where in Picard?