How do I handle releases with very little information?

Hey all, I came across a web release of an album that was bothering me, because it didn’t have the record label, barcode or year fields which I knew were easily accessible:

Not wanting to edit this post out of fear that it might be a unique release, I used the Deezer importer script to add a proper WEB release in this group with the same recordings:

Now I’m realizing that the two releases should probably be merged. The initial WEB release used Spotify as a source, and when I use a-tisket it combines information with the two. Is there a way to merge these? Should I delete the old one, or delete mine and edit the old one? And how do I know in the future what constitutes a unique WEB release, if the original submitter provided little to no information? Thanks

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Go to each release in turn, look on the right hand side for the “Editing” section, click “Merge”


Go to the Release Group, tick both releases, press the “Add selected releases for merging” button.


Merge your newer release towards the older release.

Set the Merge Strategy to “Merge mediums and recordings”