How do I find my MBID number?

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Can anybody tell me how to find my MBID number? I’ve just set up an MB account and I cant find it - thanks.

I’m assuming you’re an artist and the BBC needs your MBID.

If you’ve set up an account, you are now an “Editor” and you can add yourself to the MB database as an artist. That “Artist” entity will have an MBID, and that’s what the BBC wants.

Before you add yourself, please search to see if one of your fans has already added you.

Once you’ve added or located your artist page, go to the “Details” tab to find your MBID.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention: An empty artist entity will be automatically deleted after a while. To make sure that doesn’t happen, link your artist page to your Facebook or Bandcamp, etc. at a minimum.
Of course, it’s even better if you add your releases, recordings and works so your page reflects what you’ve done so far.
MusicBrainz Beginners Guide


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Note: Your MusicBrainz ID (MBID) can be found on the “Details” tab of your artist page.

Note: Your MusicBrainz account is not your artist page. Your artist page is created separately.