How do i clean up this release?

how do i remove these works or relationship from this release? this is not a classical release so it should not have all this extra stuff there for each track. Or should i just create a new entry and request this one be removed later?

There’s nothing wrong with non-classical music having works or relationships. In this case, many of the tunes are rooted in classical, or traditional works, so it’s not surprising that there will be many relationships. I would only clean up items that are demonstrably inaccurate.


Take the first track, for example:


This record shows that the track on this release is an "instrumental recording of the work, "O Christmas Tree (English version of German "O Tannenbaum")

The lyricist, “composer,” “translator,” and “translated version of:” entries refer to the work, not the recording on this release.

While it may not always be useful to display all that stuff at this level, it is all accurate information, so it should not be removed.

If your concern is that the track list for the release is cluttered by all this stuff, you can switch the view so all those relationships are shown below the track list by clicking the “Display Credits at Bottom” link:

That’s how I have it set most of the time.