How could I change my account username without loosing my activity on site?

Hi, I have a rather old account (this one) which I created on 2008, but I’d like to change my username. I used to have this username on every service by then, but nowadays I identify myself with another username and people on the web would recognize me by that other alias as well.

I haven’t found on my profile a way to change that. I assume that since many services have de functionality to change usernames, identifying users’ posts with their email, this could be the case here and have my username changed preserving my activity on the site.

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I had the same issue a long time ago and got my username changed by ruaok (I think it was). You need to ask people that have direct access to the database and they’ll do it (so you can keep your history).

Probably some people in there (come on IRC #metabrainz and ask for help) :

Be aware though. They will ask for chocolate in exchange !!! :wink:


I deal with this now :slight_smile: You can write to me directly, or to our support email listed here.


Changed. Should work, but let me know if it didn’t :slight_smile: