How can I remove all MusicBrainz Tags from a set of files?

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f2a002df0d8>


I have a small subset of my collection that is having severe tag problems. I would like to strip all the MusicBrainz tags and start over. I would like to retain the ID3v2 tags if I can, but if not, I guess I can work around that. Is this possible using the Picard application? Is it possible using another application?

To clarify, I would like to completely remove the fields and their data from these files. Can anyone describe the process to do this?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know about in Picard but you could do this easily in Mp3tag


Do you know that you can tell Picard to ignore existing MBIDs? It’s on the first page of the options dialogue.

But or the most part, Picard is not good for handling tags that are already in the files. But you can use Mp3tag or foobar2000 to remove those tags quite easily.


Thank you !!!

Using MP3tag (under Wine) I was able to locate and remove the tags. We’ll see if this clears up the problem the way I am hoping.


For future reference, you can totally do this in Picard:

  • load files on the left side
  • select all
  • select unwanted tags in the bottom pane
  • right click and remove tags
  • save


Just out of interest: What is the actual problem ?


Some of the MB tags were corrupt (containing text - not even a proper looking MB string) and causing incorrect lookups in Kodi. Since I have manually tagged all of the collection in my own way, it took me a long time to figure out why I was still having Artists and Albums show up that simply did not exist. I wanted to get to a state with no MB tags and rebuild the database. I have done that and the phantom Artists and Albums are now gone.


[quote=“milovoo, post:4, topic:63938”]Using MP3tag (under Wine) I was able to locate and remove the tags.[/quote]Please keep in mind, that Mp3tag does NOT remove all tags!
Especially not PRIV tags and other (still) not supported tags by this otherwise great tool.


IIRC, there was a specific Remove (all) tags in there.
It did remove everything for me.
But I have not really used taggers much in the past years so don’t take my word with too much credit.