How can I remove a label? (artist was added as a label)

Hello music nerds! Here is some tasty avantgarde black metal.

the original user that added this release, created and set the label to Erech Leleth. this is the name of the artist however. while the copyright credits this name and he has his own bandcamp page, nothing suggests that this is actually a label.

I would instead add Erech Leleth as an artist to the database. but should the label now be removed? I couldn’t figure out how to. only other solution that came to my mind is to remove all data from the label entry and then merge it with the [no label] label.

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In order for a label to be autoremoved, it needs to be used on no releases. If the releases should themselves be removed, see the release section above; if not, then edit the releases and fix them to use the right label (or just merge the label if it is a duplicate). Additionally, it needs to have no relationships to other entities; you’ll need to enter removal edits for any relationships (including URLs).


thanks chaban! I removed the URLs from the entry. votes would be appreciated.

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