How can I put tracks on a album?

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I’ve heard that this website generate the tracklist for an album of, is it right?


I think some of those either come or used to come from our data. I personally have no idea how uses the data, whether it’s still being updated, or anything else than the fact they give us some money for it, though.


I do not believe that is correct. It appears that user plays have a driving impact on the albums. This can be tested and seen by taking a digital album and changing the name in the digital files. It will then scrobble the tracks from a different album and it will appear in as such. Example, album “Take A Walk (Deluxe)” <–> “Take A Walk: Deluxe”. You will end up with two albums. They also do checking on scrobbles for common junk in the metadata of scrobbled files for common pirating site junk that is added that prevents a proper scrobble. The user is also sometimes visually warned of this and asked to keep their files clean.

The best way to add an album is to scrobble it from my experience.


Getting it to actually appear on an artists page in is slightly more complicated :S
It used to be that adding it on here would make it appear over there (+ some other ways?), now I’m not too sure how anything works, since the overhaul… Can’t hurt to add it here anyway though.


It can never hurt to add it here, if it is a valid release. I have some albums showing up for me where the album name and order clearly came from me and my scrobbles. The syntax of them is not what MB shows and I had not conformed them to a standard format before they were scrobbled. These were added there prior to there change to perpetual beta.

Here is an example album:
YOu can see on this one I am the only listener, at this time. You can also see that there are 2 others of the same name on the artist album page. Please note that what you stated is confirmed here, it does not appear on the artists albums page, but the album is there. I was not looking at it in that detail, just in the matter of getting the album recognized. As far as the album artist page, I would not know how they qualify to get there or not.