How can I make an "about" section of an artist?


I like to write short bios of band members. Nowhere I can find a tab or field to do so? Am I missing something?

When I see pages of artists that do have an “about” section, it seems to load from Wikimedia or Wikipedia. Is that the only possibility?
At Wikimedia they told me, that pages about artists that are not of enough “significance” for their genre, will be removed, and that decision is up to them, the editors of Wikimedia. I would love to write something about my band’s saxophonist who is well known at the jazz podia in my country, but probably not that significant enough for world wide jazz podia, so writing a page for him at Wikimedia seems no option.

So my request is: can we get a “field” or “annotation” to write a little “about” the artist here (a bio), on Music Brainz?

I know the answer can be “no” because you want Commons proof like with photos, but then how else can I tell something about my saxophonist, if the chance is big that a page about him on Wikimedia will be removed? I think it unfair that only world wide known artists can have a bio, because not world wide known artists can be at least as good as the well known, only they did not get an opportunity to become world wide well known!



your current choices are:

  1. Add something to the annotation. This can’t be copyrighted material. Beyond that, there’s no reason that you can’t add a bio section.

  2. Link to an artist bio page. The content won’t be displayed on MB, but the at least the relationship will exist and users can click through.

  3. If the artist is in wikipedia, you can link the the corresponding wikidata item. This will display a section of the wikipedia page on the artist’s MB page.


Thank you @CallerNo6 for replying! I will use the annotation field :slight_smile: Did not know where to find it, but finally have found it, at the right side of the page :slight_smile: