How can I get complete discography from an artist

I’ve a doubt, how can i get a complete discography with artist mbid with json?

I’m searching in documentation but nothing returns a complete discography, so, I would like how to do this.

Thank you!!!

If by that you mean “finding all the albums names/dates/mbids”, use<mbid>?fmt=json&inc=releases

The web service documentation is here

Why can’t I see all albums?
I’m trying with example the coldplay, but I can’t see albuns like “X&Y”, “Mylo Xyloto”, “Ghost Stories”. I don’t understand this.

Sorry if my questions is a little bit dummies, but I’m still student and I’m trying to do a project for college and improve my skills in JS

The doc says

Note that the number of linked entities returned is always limited to 25, if you need the remaining results, you will have to perform a browse request.

Understood, but I dunno how to do a browser request, hahaaa

I’m inspecting and discovering that json returns all releases from the album “Parachutes”
I’ll learn how to do a browser request, so I can return all albuns with unique names, 'cause I don’t need all releases from “Parachutes”, “X&Y” or “Mylo Xyloto”, I need only one

Thank you for your help =)

Your request should be like this…

You can check release-group-count in the response and if it’s more than 100, you can fetch more pages by adjusting the offset.

edit: remember to respect the API rate limits!

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That’s perfect, thank you my friend!! =)