How can I edit Artists informations?

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We are a music label and we’ve opened some time ago a page for our artists. In particular, there’s one in which we noticed the dates of the band’s activity are wrong. I tried to edit them, but when I try to save something, the page “ignores” me, and the wrong dates are still there. How can I solve this? MusicBrainz takes informations from some other page in particular, as Wikipedia?
Thanks in advance,

Enola Loenwell


Some changes, mainly destructive ones, will not be immediately visible but must go through the voting process. You can see your currently open edits on

You also see that edits are currently pending for this artists, the artist name is highlighted in yellow.

Please note that you should give an edit note giving some sources for your edits, otherwise other editors can not easily verify the changes you made.


Some changes, mainly destructive ones,

But don’t let the term “destructive” confuse you. It is simply terminology used by “authored” sites. Which is different than if you were on a place, like Wikipedia, where they allowed free-form writing.
“Destructive” does not mean that you are vandalizing anything. It is simply the way we talk based on the type of data being inputted.