How can I add images to artists?

If the image is not available through Wikipedia, it never seems to work.

I think if you want the image to be shown on the artist’s page, you’ll need to link to a commons.wikimedia file either directly or indirectly (through wikidata/image-statement)


I agree with @accridEYE just on practical experience :slight_smile:

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Yup. Images are only displayed if they’re from Commons, since then we know they have the appropriate permissions and license to display them. Anything else is just kept as a link.


@reosarevok could you please explain here in the forum how to upload an image to Commons and how to make the image Commons license? I asked you a few days ago in an email but you did not have time yet to reply, and btw I think it better if you explain and share the details here in the forum, so other Members can learn something too! :slight_smile:

Do we have to make an account at Commons first? And how must we name the account: do we name it the artist? And then what do we have to do to give commons license to an image?

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@Samsom_Productions, it is part of Wikipedia, and as such, you can either use your Wikipedia account, if you have one, or anonymously edit.
I think all the explanations should be found over there, not here. :wink:


You can only make the license “free” if you if you are the rightsholder.

Thank you @jesus2099 and @CallerNo6 for your info!

however, Commons picture not showing up (yet) at artist page
I just created an account at Commons, uploaded the picture that I like to show at the right side of my artist page, then went back here, cancelled at the edit page of the artist page the previous picture that was not from Commons, added as new link (pasted with Ctrl-V) the picture from Commons and Yep it got the attribute “picture” at the left of the add link field, but after hitting Enter Edit, nothing happened…?

@jesus2099 could you please have a look at
what did I wrong?

It’s OK now, as far as I can see your photo. :slight_smile:
Maybe it takes some time before the photo is fetched.

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Yep you are right @jesus2099, and I have nothing useful or smart to add to your comment :slight_smile: so I gave a like to your comment :wink:

The photo indeed took a little while to show up, after refreshing the page I can see it now too :sunny:


@jesus2099 one of the photo’s suddenly disappeared again, and as I thought it would be of no relevance to discuss here in the forum, I sent you an email at your account here asking for help, but by now everything has been solved, so you do not need to answer that email. Sorry for spamming your email box!

First I thought it would not be of interest to other Members to tell, but on second thoughts, I think it useful to tell to other members what problems you can face when you want to display an image at an artist page, using Commons license.

Here it is. So, I created an account at Commons and uploaded pictures. At every picture that I uploaded I had to declare that I am the copyright holder and I had to declare that I gave them license. Then the pictures were given urls and then I was able to display them here on my pages. A few hours later I got an email from Commons that they were at the point to delete one of the pictures that I uploaded and were going to delete the other 2 pictures too, because in their opinion I could not be the copyrightholder of the pictures, although I honestly signed that I am the copyrightholder. How can they don’t believe me? Finally I found a chatroom at their website and it took me hours and hours until now, deep in the night at my place, to convince them that I am the copyrightholder! I had to send them several emails and had to give them license for every image again!

So, this I thought useful to share with you. It is not that easy to get your pictures on Commons. So, it is not that easy to show an image on an artist page here, as over here only pictures from Commons are accepted to display on the right side of the artist page.


Well, it is unlikely that you hold the copyright, unless it’s a selfie.

The copyright holder is indeed the photographer, who can share it with the photo subject, maybe? By writing this will down to a letter :incoming_envelope: ?

There is another thing about person photo, the photographer must have a (written?) permission of the people appearing on the photo to be able to use it in any way. If here @Samsom_Productions is trying herself to spread the photo, this action counts as an unwritten permission, I guess. :slight_smile:


hehehehe @chirlu yes indeed it would have been hard to have created it as a selfie lol (can laugh about the incident now) :blush: Though with tablet recording the performance and then taking out one video frame, it could have been created as a selfie, but in this case a family member took the photo.

@jesus2099 I didn’t know that the photographer could stay (perhaps?) the copyrightholder if she gives the original photo to the photo subject telling to the photo subject that the photo subject is allowed to edit the photo and use it on the internet for several purposes. Anyway, I told the Commons that they could phone the photographer to ask her if she indeed gave permission, but that was not necessary after all.

@jesus2099 I just wrote a letter to myself to confirm to myself that I gave myself permission to publish my photo myself. :smile:

To become serious again, your quote is very important! I totally agree with you, that the publisher should have a written permission of the photo subject, to publish the photo! But right now, under current (international) laws, the photo subject is not protected enough! The uploader of the photo only has to prove that he took the photo, and then the photo can be published world wide, without permission of the photo subject! And: the photo subject, only has rights when the photo in question can be very harmful for the reputation of the subject and then the subject has to go to court. If the judge considers the photo not that harmful, the photo is allowed to be published as “freedom of press”.


Here in NZ I think that any photo’s/videos taken in public spaces are allowed to be taken and shared without the subjects permission. For photos taken of someone in a private space you need a signed release if you want to do something with them.

If anyone wanted to know :stuck_out_tongue:

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FWIW, in France (:fr::fries::cheese:), both open public and closed private area photos of identifiable persons require their written permission for any usages. :slight_smile:

@aerozol and @jesus2099, I have the opinion that the current French law should be accepted by all countries and implemented in their own laws, to protect people’s privacy. Certainly the French law should be applied at the international Commons website, because right now, the Commons website is infringing the French law and probably also the laws of many other countries. We should bring them to court :wink:

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