How best to fix up the test dive unlimited 2 soundtrack?

the test dive unlimited 2 sound track has missing songs and wrong artists and songs that are not even listed in the booklet

Before I read you scans in detail, I assume you have CDs?

I think the current release is a digital rip. So the different tracks are due to the pirated nature of it as all one lump. I am guessing your source looks more legit and therefore a different order.

You may need to Clone the Release, and then make adjustments to your clone. I would use a Clone as a start point as this will link the recordings together to start with.

Okay - that is more confusing. I now noticed your list is alphabetical, but theirs is all over the place.

What are we looking at here?


there is no cd with the music you get the music by pulling it out of the files of the game when it has been installed (at least thats the only way i now how to do it) they never released a soundtrack for the game the songs are on radio stations in the game

Based on the original edit:

@liftarn added this based on a digitally distributed game rip.

So I would leave it and add your version separately. This is so common with game soundtrack rips/bootlegs, there are so many versions - usually the only time I remove one is if it’s clearly just a tracklisting taken from a website, rather than actual files anyone could ever listen to.

Ok I’ll add it later today if I get a chance I’ll be going away tomorrow till the new year so if I don’t get some thing done I’ll have to do it in the new year

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