Hotlips OR Jasper van't Hof Hotlips OR

In 2005 Jasper van ’t Hof started a new band project named Hotlips, but on both of their releases Jasper’s name is prepended: “Jasper van’t Hof Hotlips”.
So what is the release artist?
I have added my release with Hotlips credited as Jasper van’t Hof Hotlips:

The live album has Jasper van’t Hof and Hotlips:

I don’t think, that is correct. He was a member of the band and “and” was never printed. And it’s not like that in his discography:

… which leads me to another problem: I struggle with the correct spelling of Jasper van 't Hof - on my release there is definitely no space between van and 't. There are various apostrophe types, but on no occasion a space. The artist’s website has the band name like this: Jasper van ’t Hof Hotlips. Should the release artist be corrected?

I’d want to see the artist name corrected. Who put the album out? Was it proper official, or do we have someone making an error on the cover. The guy’s name has a space between van and 't as that is his name as used by him all over his website. That should ride above a typing error on a cover. I don’t think this mistake would be “artist’s intent”.

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Thanks for reply, but what I actually meant:
Should it be:

  1. Jasper van’t Hof Hotlips … artist name as on albums
  2. Jasper van ’t Hof Hotlips … artist name as on website
  3. Hotlips credited as Jasper van’t Hof Hotlips
  4. Hotlips credited as Jasper van ’t Hof Hotlips
  5. Jasper van ’t Hof, Hotlips … 2 artists, as currently on Discogs
  6. anything other

Everything perfectly official :laughing:

I don’t know the Hotlips answer as didn’t see enough examples in a quick look.

I’d ignore 1 and 3 as they are typos on the album. That is not his name.

Generally I’d go with 2 as this is how the artist represents the band name on his website. That also lets you add the members of the line-up to the band.

As to 5, I’d avoid following Discogs as they seem to be going a little mad lately. Do Hotlips ever perform on their own without Jasper? If not, then there is not really a “Hotlips” band.

How many albums have been released with this line-up? If it is just Jasper and a different backing band for a couple of releases, I would make it an alias. If he has released multiple albums with this line-up I’d make it “Jasper van ’t Hof Hotlips” as a separate artist and list the members of the band.

So - 2 is likely to be what I’d use here unless this is just a one-off performance.

Problem is every time I read that “NeverNever Land” title I keep hearing Metallica’s Enter Sandman… :joy:

Edit: Looking at the discography is the most useful. He never uses “and” with Hotlips. It is used in the same way as “Jasper van ’t Hof Quartet”. I just guess there was more than four of them in the Hotlips lineup.

That list is as close to Artist Intent as is possible. :slight_smile:

It wasn’t really a long lasting project. There was one studio album and 2 years later a live album. But mainly with the same musicians.

It’s not, but if you look at the covers of his releases, this spelling is used almost consistently. That’s why I’m not sure whether to use this form or the other. “Jasper van ’t Hof” was rarely ever printed.

And that’s the reason why I will change that.
To make a decision, I stick to his website (use version 2) and write an annotation…

Thanks for participating!