Homebrew Channel soundtrack bootleg release

Hi. I recently (yesterday) started contributing to MusicBrainz by adding missing data points from my music library (so Picard would shut up).

I’m fairly certain that my official releases are relatively fine, but I’m not so sure about the Homebrew Channel soundtrack, which was released on khinsider.com from a rip. Does it even belong here? How should the tracks be named (they’re weirdly named on the site)?

I’ve tried reading the style guidelines but am not 100% sure. Sorry if I missed something.

See also: WiiBrew:Contests/Homebrew Channel music - WiiBrew


If it is music, and you can download it or hold it in your hand, then it is okay for MusicBrainz. I am not totally up on the rules for game music, but generally if the track names match what you see on that page then they are fine.


disclaimer: this is just my opinion and some may not agree

yes, please add those khinsider gamerips!! there are plenty already in MB. i would discourage linking to it, though. it may be against policy as it can be considered piracy. an edit note saying “via khinsider” is enough to prove it’s a real release, IMO.

i have been struggling a bit with some things… firstly, the titles, like you mentioned. for this release, you did exactly as you should— enter them as they appear on the site. however, some of the rips hosted there don’t have any titles for any tracks at all. the correct thing is probably to just call them “Track 1”, “Track 2”, etc… or maybe [unknown] across the board… but it just hurts to do that, haha.

secondly, some uploads do change from time to time. i’d check the changelogs (if available) before adding a gamerip and see if any very important things changed, like added tracks, so you can get the release dates right.


On the topic of piracy, I did consider not linking to khinsider but ultimately decided to do so since the Wiibrew wiki page states that “all must be under an acceptable free license” and HBC itself has been distributed as FOSS for some time now.