Holiday compilation bootlegs?

After reading much discussion here regarding bootlegs, I added the following bootleg release:

Before I add any more, I just want to confirm that folks generally consider this kind of material worthy of a MusicBrainz entry. This is someone who ripped the vinyl – generally material that was out-of-print and not available commercially (at the time of the blog post) – and curated it into a release. At one time, there was a download available, but I don’t think there is one any longer (due to commercial CD/digital release of some of the material since, perhaps). Besides download, a physical release (CD-R?) was given to friends/family. As long as it’s tagged as bootleg, it’s generally considered acceptable, correct?


if it was widely available (i.e. on the internet), I believe it is acceptable. if it were just the CD-R given to friends and family though, I don’t believe that is “interesting to the database”, see the Beginners Guide section on Adding a Release.

looking into the website you linked though, it’s probably not just distributed to friends and family, as the forums there have over 400 members. could have been far fewer back in 2005, but I’d say it’s probably safe to add…


I’m way past reading a beginners guide, but I did come across it in the process of reading forum discussions. :slight_smile:

I hear ya, it’s just the one place I could really find anything concise about this type of bootleg~ :melting_face: