Hipgnosis and cover art


Hipgnosis artwork is what got me interested in the physical side of albums. I have often picked up examples of their work just for the artwork. Some of their album artwork books are fantastic for the range of images and the mad stories behind the creation of some of the most iconic covers. Art delivered as real before lazy CGI replaced imagination.


Let’s not forget Roger Dean https://www.rogerdean.com/


Yep - Roger’s books are alongside Hipgnosis on the shelf. I still have this Rodney Matthews poster on the wall: Elric at the End of Time: Encore at the End of Time limited edition li – Rodney Matthews Studios I love the colouring green\blue\purple colours… and that yellow whisky bottle.

The art is needed when listening to the music.

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I have the Roger Dean book from when it first came out, but not the Hipgnosis book.

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One of my old Hipgnosis books on EBay - The Work Of Hipgnosis: Walk Away Rene, Pink Floyd Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin 9780891041047 | eBay That’s from 1989 and full of fascinating stories about the art as well as the images. Maybe later ones are likely more “complete”.

Plenty of them around. Their art was so varied and plain weird. It made you think. And best of all from an era where they had to actually stage it for real. The front cover has the “diver” in the lake from Wish You Were Here. That guy had to do a hand stand in the lake, holding his breath until the ripples went away.

Looking forward to that documentary,

( :rofl: - now had to buy the updated 2017 book “Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art” because it was such a bargain…)

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