“High Quality Rips”, artist credits, and more~

Important note, this does not apply to true game rips or CD rips, this is a particular kind of remix/mashup thing

this is also related to the Remix guide I’ve been working on occasionally for some time…

now that that’s out of the way, I’ve got a style question… there’s a particular style of remix where an artist takes instrument samples from one song, (usually from a video game, but not always) and puts it to a different popular tune. this is called a Rip (or sometimes a FLAC or “high quality rip”).

the work credits aren’t the issue here, the main issue is nearly always, these remixes are posted on YouTube disguised as the real, original song. that way someone looking for the track will get a surprise, somewhat like a Rickroll. for example:

there’s several known artists who do these rips, including SiIvaGunner* and RecordCollector1972, where I got my examples from. should these be credited directly to them, credited to them as the original artist (RecordCollector1972 credited as The Killers), or maybe a third option? I’m trying to think of how we can have the right credits, but not throw ListenBrainz for a heck of a loop trying to figure out if we’re really listening to Somebody (Once) Told Me:wink:

*note that this SiIvaGunner is actually a parody of SilvaGunner (an actual gamerips channel), the parody account using a capital I instead of a lowercase L in their name

also, how to relate them to the song “sampled”? should it be a Sample relationship? a Remix? I’m sure it might depend on the exact situation, of course, but a few general rules of thumb might be a good starting point.

for extra context, (or those who still don’t understand what I’m talking about, lol) Triple-Q did a quick video explaining what a Rip is in this context, and how it differs from and sometimes overlaps with what a Mashup is


What you have described sounds like standard mash-up\remixes under a new name. Created by an artist, who creates new music, by sampling other tracks. Same process is being used in their creation. I tried to watch the video, the voice is annoying. But this is still just a mashup\remix, just using specific source material. The guy in the video is just trying to create a new genre.

I would credit the “ripper” as the creator, and link as many source samples as possible. Most clearly in the Annotation as I doubt enough of the game samples would be in the database.

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yes, a High Quality Rip is a particular presentation of a remix (or sometimes mashup). a brief search on YouTube brings up many playlists of such remixes

the artist credit in these cases is the main question, especially since the remixer is deliberately not credited at all and it’s intentionally made to look like it’s the original

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They may be not credited, but they are the creator. Either they get the artist credit or [unknown]. Should not credit it to the source material as it was never a release of the source artist. Tracks like this should not pop up in Michael Bublé’s discography. :slight_smile: Especially as this is a joke trying to fool someone - MB need to hold the facts.

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