Hidden tracks covered at the end of a listed track after silence

It’s like on discogs, where I’m also active, the deeper you dive the muddier it gets. :roll_eyes:

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But it is only a part of “Reminiscence…” which was released prior to “Dark Water”. Remind the album title “Somewhere else before”.

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Unfortunately I do not know these recordings. And I don’t fully understand:
“Dark Water” was released on a 2001 album “Somewhere else before”
“Reminiscence of a Soul” was released on a 2000 album which had “Dark Water” already released as a hidden track. Why is “Reminiscence of a Soul” partial then?

But if it is only part of the full song, you should mark it as “partial”, of course.

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The recording can be linked to both the works for Reminiscense Of A Soul and dark Water.

“Partial” would apply if it only contains parts of these works. If that’s the case partial is correct, but from what I see at discogs it might rather be the full songs?

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Maybe it’s because both have track# 11. “Dark Water” was hidden in “Reminiscence…” eventually without having a title at that time (2000), and extracted and released as an own track in 2001.

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“Dark Water” in “Reminiscence…” = full
the other way around = partial

No, I think: “Dark Water” in “Reminiscence…” = Reminiscence… / Dark Water - two songs/works in 1 CD track and both are full works. In fact “Reminiscence… / Dark Water” is a compilation of two recordings and has parts “Reminiscence…” and “Dark Water”

The recording of track 11 should be linked to 2 works - 1. “Reminiscence…”, 2. “Dark Water”


Quite logical! But it would not be done with simple change in title.
What we have now is a work for the complete track incl. “Dark Water”.
Separate works don’t exist yet and must be created, I think.
For the isolated “Reminiscence…” I found this Recording “Reminiscence of a Soul” by Esbjörn Svensson Trio - MusicBrainz naturally without an actual work. So we’d have 3 works linked: one for the complete track and two for the split titles. Ok???

That’s not one work - both “Reminiscence…” and “Dark Water” are separate works

This recording can be linked as part of the renamed track 11 recording “Reminiscence… / Dark Water” (a recording-recording relationship)

And there is already a work Work “Reminiscence of a Soul” - MusicBrainz - it is fine as it is and should be also linked to the recording you found.

You only have to create a new work for “Dark Water” and link it to both - “Reminiscence… / Dark Water” (the combined recording) and the recording of “Dark Water” from the 2001 album.


It’s from the release we are talking about :laughing:

Yes, of course: but it will keep its title and stay as it is. (it’s already attached to the combined recording)

A work is a composition, a song. And regardless if it is compiled in a medley or attached as a hidden track - it is the same work, and it’s not ‘partial’ as long as it was played as a whole.


Thanks for your patience.
One question left: Should I change the recording title to fit the track?

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Yes, I would think so. Especially the recording title has to include both titles.


Is the recording of Dark Water on Somewhere Else Before the same as the one that appears as a hidden track? If so there could be three recordings, one of which has “compilation of” relationships to the other two.


An example of a hidden track on a classic Nirvana album: https://musicbrainz.org/release/5421ee03-e017-4393-b721-abc1ad16857b (track 12)

Both parts get named on there as part of the track list. It is a recording made up of two works. MB leans more on naming the facts you can hear. So actual track names are used when known. Discogs leans towards only documenting what is shown on the paperwork.

Have a look at the Recording: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/d506a8b2-4ba9-49b9-941f-40d1295ebd29 On the annotation the actual lengths of the track and the silence get noted.

On some of the later anniversary re-issues this single track does get split into two separate tracks.


If this was true we only had “Reminiscence … 6:08” in this release, cause that’s what is printed on tray insert and in booklet.
Just added own scans to https://musicbrainz.org/release/8bd64357-07b5-4a23-914f-156637d27db1

I did not find the above release on qobuz or bandcamp to listen and compare, maybe someone else has other sources for that.

But to make things a bit more complicated:
This version Recording “Reminiscence of a Soul” by Esbjörn Svensson Trio - MusicBrainz is completely different in tempo, rhythm and performance. As I have both CDs I listened forth and back to even identify it as same composition. To say on inner cover of the compilation this track comes from “Susie Soho” is not correct.


Curiously, spotify’s version of that compilation is different from the CD version, and appears to include the full album track, including Dark Water.

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Thanks for the hint. Took it as blueprint for Recording “Reminiscence of a Soul / Dark Water” by Esbjörn Svensson Trio - MusicBrainz with “Dark Water” linked.

Maybe the CD version was withdrawn somehow. Unfortunately spotify doesn’t offer the standalone version of “Dark Water” to compare.

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If it’s a different version, the recording isn’t “part of” the combined recording “Reminiscence… / Dark Water” (same MB recording = same studio recording + same mix !) - contrary to what I wrote above.

The “Reminiscence” version found on YouTube and Spotify was actually taken from “Good Morning Susie Soho” and not from “Global Magic” …always reliable :wink:

I found “Somewhere Else Before” including “Dark Water” on YouTube - assuming it’s genuine, what’s to be heard there is the same recording as the hidden track.

BTW, it’s really great! I’ve got no E.S.T. album yet, but that needs to change. Thank you for introducing me to this!

EDIT: I’ve considered buying this CD, but it’s actually a compilation (should be corrected on MB), I prefer original albums - for many reasons


I have all their studio albums and some live recordings too, so if you are interested in further information you’re welcome. Maybe we could get in contact about that, actually I don’t really know how. I did not find a PM connection like on discogs.

It’s in fact a compilation only released in US, afaik.
Imo a good start would be this:

BTW: All studio albums of e.s.t. from 2000 to 2006 have a hidden track included in the last track not noticed on packaging.

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