Hespèrion XX and Hespèrion XXI. One group with two names or two groups?

Jordi Savall’s early music group Hespèrion XX was founded in 1974. In the year 2000 the name of the group was changed to Hespèrion XXI to reflect the new century. Until now we have treated this as a single entity with a name change. However I notice that ISNI has two different codes, 0000 0001 1090 5522 for Hespèrion XX and 0000 0001 1092 8345 for Hespèrion XXI. Likewise, VIAF has two separate entries, http://viaf.org/viaf/195230308/ for Hespèrion XX and http://viaf.org/viaf/195230308/ for Hespèrion XXI. Should we split the group into two and follow ISNI and VIAF in treating them as two entities, or continue to consider them as a single entity?

Unless there is something more substantial than a name change (new lineup, revival, long hiatus between…) I would say they should remain as one. I notice that viaf for each lists the other as “alternate name form” as well (btw I think you mislinked one of them, did you mean http://viaf.org/viaf/143339396/ for Hespèrion XX?)

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This was also addressed here: What if a group changes name?

I see no reason to separate the two - they’re the same group, kept playing the same music, and people would expect to see all their stuff together :slight_smile: Just link both VIAF profiles (not sure if we can link multiple ISNI but if we can that too I guess)

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Probably. likely a typo.

Yes, we can do multiples on both.

I have had ISNI merge several of their entries (and split a few too) - they’re quite responsive to messages.

If you do write them about it, be sure to let them know you’re from MusicBrainz. :wink: We have previously been in talks with the ISNI people about more of a partnership, but due to various formalities, it hasn’t been able to happen yet. Both parties still want it to happen though, so my theory is that if we keep poking them about us still being here (and possibly being better at fixing their data than they are ;)), it may ever-so-slightly speed up whatever processes would be need to make things happen. :slight_smile:


Oh, I can assure you I write to them quite often to point out duplicated ISNIs for the same composer or artist, and I agree they do respond quickly. (Except now, when they’ve been down for maintenance for about a week so far.)


Another thing I’d just like to toss in, is that I also like to keep both the old and the new ISNIs (and VIAF IDs) in the db. Someone else out there may have the old ISNI(/VIAF ID) in their database, and it would be great if they’d still be able to use that to get the correct result when looking up against our DB. Kind of like we also keep a record of our merged MBIDs so people with the old MBID stored can get up-to-date information about it.

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