Herbert Grönemeyer – Chaos: Catalog number without "1C" – new release?

I have a CD “Chaos” by Herbert Grönemeyer.

As expected, there are releases in MB, e.g. release f1bba495-27a8-47e6-b6f7-fb646ce85ac1.

My physical release has catalog number “0777 7 89599 2 2” on spine, on back cover and on the back of the booklet.
I wonder why the release in MB has catalog number “1C 0777 7 89599 2 2” (since edit #57673340), i.e. the same number like my release, but with leading "1C ".
I looked exactly to my case and CD and I found also the number with leading “1C” on the CD (only there, but not on cover and booklet).
I also looked to the cover art of the linked release in detail and there we have the prefix “1C” on spine and back-cover (and also CD).
Other differences to my physical release are “Herbert Grönemeyer” is printed in black on the front cover but in white on my release, the catalog number/barcode box is slightly different and I have no “Made in Germany” on the back cover. The CD looks like the same and is also Made in The Netherlands.
I guess, I bought my CD around year 2000 (+/- 3 yrs.) in Germany or Austria, but I’m not sure at all. It is a regular edition, no Club Edition and not the later remastered edition.
My release looks like https://www.discogs.com/release/14332257-Chaos/images, with matrix “EMI 7895992 03)” and “2-2-26-NL”. Note they have the prefix “1C” for this release in 3 of the 4 entries.

The discid is already attached (0D0P9bveEartg_Xflfi0MHnNbZs-).

I get no MCN and no ISRC's with python-discid.
:~/Tools/python-discid$ python usage.advanced.py
device: /dev/cdrom
id: 0D0P9bveEartg_Xflfi0MHnNbZs-
submission url:

I tried to get some information about the prefix “1C” and I found something on Discogs: https://reference.discogs.com/wiki/emi-catalogue-numbers and https://reference.discogs.com/wiki/price-codes-distribution-codes.

If I would enter my release I would just use the number without “1C” (like on spine, back cover and back of booklet) and ignore the number with “1C” on CD.
I guess, my release is a reprint/repress, but I’m not sure at all.

Would someone add this as a new release to MusicBrainz? If yes: what release date/country should be used?

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There is a possibility that your Release is the one that is in the database already and that the release was unintentionally “hijacked”, with the best intentions, by editors with the 1C version.

Hi NeroA.

Your Release has different CoverArt.
This makes it a different Release.
Please add it.

Releases are defined as having unique CoverArt.
So having a Release for 0777 7 89599 2 2 and a release for 1C 0777 7 89599 2 2 is good.

Looking at Release f1bba495-27a8-47e6-b6f7-fb646ce85ac1

It was initially entered into database without a catalogue number.

It then had a Disc ID added 2006-03-30

Then Cat Number entered as 0777 7 89599 2 2 on 2007-08-22

Then from 2013-04-17 (or even earlier at Amazon?) it is getting 1C CoverArt.

On 2016-08-07 (I think, in some mysterious process that is recorded only at another Release) it got another Disc ID in https://musicbrainz.org/edit/40106973

Then in 2018-11-26 it gets 1C Catalogue Number.

It appears that two separate Releases have been mixed up with each other.

NeroA, which Disc ID does your CD have?
(See DiscID)

@reosarevok and others;
How better to disentangle these releases?

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It looks so … (like it happens quite often).

0D0P9bveEartg_Xflfi0MHnNbZs- (hidden on initial post)

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I’m not @reosarevok (but I am others)…

Generally I prefer to try to restore an entity to its original/earliest state, which in this case (based on mmirG’s research) would be the 07… catalog number.

However, in the case of 2 nearly identical CDs, the importance of that is less than other cases (like where 2 unrelated artists of the same name have been conflated). Here the only real risk seems to be that someone has their files tagged with the wrong MBID, and 99.9% of them won’t notice or care.

Given that the current release is internally consistent (catalog#, cover art, and discogs link all matching the 1C… release), and that it hasn’t perfectly matched the 07…release since cover art was added in 2013, it would be simpler to just create a new release for the 07… release.


I think I’ll do this (beside the question how important it is to have it as an additional release).
Since the release event of this new release isn’t clear to me at all, I’ll omit release event data.

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