Help with this Disney soundtrack

I recently added this Danish Disney CD to the database, which is a reissue of the 1989 CD, and I’m having a little trouble figuring out which songs require new recordings. The thing is that some( or all?) of the songs were redubbed by the same artists but it’s impossible for me to know which ones, because I don’t have the 1989 CD in my possession. So, I thought that if someone someone has both CDs, maybe they could kindly compare them and create new recordings for the appropriate songs. I think this would really improve the data quality of the release, plus I could add credits to the recordings then.

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I’m not familiar with the mess fun that is the different language Disney releases, but if I’m not certain that a release uses recordings from an old release or not (especially if I’m adding relationships to the recordings), I’ll create all-new recordings for the release, just to be safe. they can always be merged later. I see you’ve already added an annotation to the release which I would have also recommended, and you might add a similar annotation to the new recordings, mostly to note that an unknown number of the recordings might be different than the originals

for finding tracks from the originals, I’ve found doing a YouTube search for the tracks is usually pretty good, especially if you add the catalog number as part of the search. it hasn’t always worked, but when it does work oh boy does it~


Thanks for your answer. I did just that!

I managed to get a copy of the two Danish dubs and compare them. From what I could tell, all of the songs were redubbed, except four, which correspond to tracks 7, 9, 10 and 11. This means the corresponding recordings could be merged - however there might still be some differences with the 1989 CD, e.g. absence of spoken vocals or a different artist performing the other vocals role on track 9 (who is often is Simona Patitucci on the Little Mermaid releases before 1997/8). So, for now I will leave it as is and I will get back to it, whenever I get hold of the 1989 CD.