Help with how to handle some label confusion

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Many releases by deadmau5, have mau5trap Venture Limited listed as the release label on the digital sites, i.e. Apple, Spotify & Deezer. However, some of these same releases on Beatport list just mau5trap. I understand that digital stores use what is given to them by the label, however, mau5trap’s own website shows all releases under just mau5trap, but does mention in the legal section that the companies legal name is mau5trap Venture Limited. Some releases have the full name listed as the copyright holder as well as imprint. I’m really against this mass merging of labels that has taken place over the past year or so. When should we keep holding company names and imprints separately?

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I think itune and the likes just show the copyright © and phonographic copyright ℗ label(s), not the release label.

iTunes does only show copyright labels. I use ISRC to find the labels or use what Spotify says if there is a release equivalent there. However, Spotify’s API shows both release label & copyright labels. Deezer shows actual labels and not copyrights. So, it can be confusing.