Help with EP release under 2 names and adding Discogs external link

I am tagging this release here: Nordisch By Nature EP

I have two, issues, the first is that when I try to add a discogs external link it says:

This URL is not allowed for the selected link type, or is incorrectly formatted.

I didn’t have this issue with any other release, all of them take discogs release links normally.

The second issue is that it appears this EP was released under two different names. At discogs and here it is registeres as Nordisch by Nature EP and if you google that you’ll see it under that name in several websites.

The official label’s website, though, shows it as Federgewicht EP, which is also available as such at discogs: Federgewicht EP

Now, there are review websites and even youtube show it as Nordisch by Nature EP (not just Nordisch By Nature, that’s an album from another artist).

I’m inclined to say the actual name of this is Federgewicht EP, as the label’s website and the cover say that, but knowing DIYNAMIC Records (and pretty much anything else under which Solomun released his tracks in the past) I don’t doubt at all it could have been released under two names, DIY releases are really disorganised and this sort of stuff is not uncommon.

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The Discogs issue is probably that MusicBrainz distinguishes links between release group (discogs “master”) and release. So check which link type you’re adding to which entity type in MB.

As for the alternate titles, those should all be in one release group but you can have separate releases with different titles. The release group should use the earliest name, or most official since you have some evidence of that.


Feel free to rename the release group to the most ‘official’ release name - I would add a disambiguation like ‘aka Nordish by Nature EP’ as well.

As psychoadept says you can then put releases into that group with whatever name they were released with.


Could it be a bug? Because I made sure it is the release link I put there (I’m aware of the distinction between master and realease made by MB).

As for the alternative tiles in the same release group, yeah, thanks for the info, I didn’t think of that, that’s what I’ll do.

Thanks, I edited the release to the ‘most official name’ and I added the disambiguation as you mentioned, thanks.

I was able to paste the Discogs link you gave into the release. But it already has a different Discogs link, so I didn’t try to save it.

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Strange, here I paste it and it gives me that error. Could it be because I was trying to edit/add it to an existing release group?

EDIT: now it worked, but only on a new release.

Just one more thing @psychoadept, since you’ve been here helping me already - thanks for that btw.

This EP was released by a German artist, in germany, his label is German and the tracknames are in German too, however, the track is sung in English. What should be the language of the release, German or English?

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The release language should be based only on the language of the release title and its track titles. The language of song lyrics is not relevant (the language of song lyrics can be set on works linked to recordings). See the relevant style guideline.


As it’s a physical release, what counts is what’s printed on it and nothing else. :wink: