Help with edits that auto-reverted for lack of votes

I am a long time 'ogger and sometime Picard user.

I submitted some edits recently that seem to have not gone through, possibly due to lack of sufficient votes. I submitted through the web along with the reasons for the edits. They can be found at the three most recent edits at the link below.

Would someone mind sharing a pointer of the most appropriate approach for me to use to successfully resubmit those edits?

It looks like all edits have closed without issue. There’s a 7 day waiting (voting) period before some edits are applied, but 3+ “yes” votes will (generally) apply/close an edit sooner.

Is there any edit in particular that you’re not seeing applied?

Digging in a little further, it looks like you may have edited a recording, but not the medium.

If the track-list is wrong, you’d probably want to start editing at the release level, making sure to choose the correct recording.

From there, in the green section, you can search for the correct recording.


Thank you very much! That was extremely helpful.

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