Help with Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Rip

Being a game rip for a game that never got very popular, there’s not a lot of information regarding the release, so I’m not sure about this edit. I created an artist page for the developers of the game. There are also two tracks that I have no idea about, so I labelled them as unkown 1 and 2. I know it’s not a great entry but it’s a starting point. Any suggestions on where I can find more information?


This looks like a great start!

If you can track down more information about which version of the game (PS2, PS3, Wii, etc.) was ripped, or where the track titles came from (e.g. official vs. made up by the person who created the rip), it’d be helpful to add that in an annotation. The download that I found from a Google search only has 32 tracks with different lengths and less-descriptive titles, so there’s apparently more than one rip floating around.

MB’s no-links-to-downloads-of-copyrighted-material policy can make it hard to document (or even discuss) obscure video game soundtracks. :neutral_face:

Edit: I added the game’s Wikidata item URL to the release group, which adds a nice Wikipedia snippet that can make it easier to see that this is a game soundtrack.

During my searches, I’ve found a few different rips with varying amounts of tracks and titles. I used the most common track titles I could find, so they’re unofficial, as well as the most tracks I could find. I had to add the opening myself from another rip. Not sure if this is the best method but it made for the most complete release.

I checked the rip I had which gave no hints to where it was ripped from; though I don’t think it includes some DS exclusive tracks which I couldn’t find.

Thanks for adding the Wikidata. I’ll see if I can find any more info later tonight.

I drafted some videogame rip guidelines that might be helpful - feedback welcome :slight_smile:

I see, thanks for the link. I’ll take a look tomorrow and change as the guidelines suggest. I am curious about gamerips and unknown data - I suppose it makes sense that if it’s a bootleg, one shouldn’t use information that isn’t relevant to the exact rip. However, if a game never had an official soundtrack release, and having a gamerip being the only way to obtain the soundtrack, would that provide some level of importance that suggests extra information could be included (like Wiki data, date data, art, etc)? Of course, I’m still a newbie so I dunno how most of this stuff goes down.

While I do think it makes sense to not use the game release date as the official release date for the gamerip, I also think it might be better to have that data in some sense? I know Picard has something like %originaldate%, I have no idea how to input that in MB but maybe that could be used?

I have, over the years, made a few tentative forays into creating official ‘game’ releases that represents the literal release of the music, in-game. That way MB would pull the game release date as the original release date for the release group, and it has a few other nice benefits as well, like being able to set game art.

To cut a long story short, that’s never gone down well with the MB community. Which isn’t really surprising because it’s trying to force something quite new and different into a ‘music release’ structure.

It’s also not very helpful to put artwork and release dates on releases/rips where it’s incorrect - it just gets confusing for everyone. So for game rips without proper release dates I think it’s better to just add the game date/art/whatever manually to your personal files, if that’s what you prefer.

Not very helpful for game rip collectors I know, sorry :pensive:

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Right right. Well, I’m not well read on the subject but I do like the game type release idea from how you tell it. Unfortunate though. Cheers.

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