Help with audio dramas relationships

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I’m trying to add a few audio dramas to the database and I’m not too sure of how to add certain relationships.
In my specific case these are the relationships I’ve found on vgmdb

Scenario: 気賀沢昌志, Naotaka Hayashi

Sound Supervisor: Yoshikazu Iwanami
BGM: Takeshi Abo
Recording Studio: Studio Mausu
Sound Effect: Yasumasa Koyama
Recording Engineer: Naoya Tanaka
Assistant Engineer: Naoki Okabe
Sound Producer: Nobuko Irie [入江信子]

I’m not too sure but I’m assuming BGM would count as composer, right? If not I’d like to know which relationship I should add.

On a side note, I have several dramas that are already in the database but the release is tagged as simply ‘Spokenword’, should I edit those? How are these things handled regularly? I don’t want to go and break something that has a consensus already. Often, these releases use the SPA [dialogue] and I’d also like to edit that to use the writer like I’ve already asked in this topic

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It could also, maybe, be the performer of the background music (bgm)?


I didn’t think about that! It could also be the performer, but since it doesn’t say which one it is I think I’ll leave it out for now