Help with advanced search

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I have this search:"8739cd9a-af1c-437f-adf9-d083ea7e585f"+AND+(mediums%3A1)&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced

I want to narrow the search to results with 2 (really 2 or more, but 2 will do) discIDs.

There’s supposed to be a discids (and a discidsmedium) term, but I can’t make them do anything. Any suggestions? I’m suspecting a missing format conversion, but I’d like others’ opinions before I think about raising a bug.

Apparently discidsmedium is not implemented yet in the new search. That said, discids is supposed to be, so if it doesn’t work, please add a SOLR ticket for it :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m fairly sure something is implemented for discids, because I can find values to put in the search that will return me all the releases, and values which will return me none of the releases. I’d just like a somewhat finer granularity.

As far as I can tell, it should be more granular, so it might be implemented wrongly. Can you post the specific values that do work? (I guess finding ones that do not is much easier).

I’m sorry, I was not being serious. All I meant was: ["8739cd9a-af1c-437f-adf9-d083ea7e585f"+AND+(discids%3A1)&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced] returns none of them, and ["8739cd9a-af1c-437f-adf9-d083ea7e585f"+AND+(discids%3A"*")&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced] gives me all of them.

That’s different from ["8739cd9a-af1c-437f-adf9-d083ea7e585f"+AND+(notafield%3A1)&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced] and ["8739cd9a-af1c-437f-adf9-d083ea7e585f"+AND+(notafield%3A"*")&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced] which both return nothing.

See, I said it wasn’t worth explaining.