Help tracking down a release

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I’ve been trying to identify the source of a recording I have. I’ve gotten as far as this youtube video:

Unfortunately, when I looked up the release on Discogs, none of the versions there have that track (although the crown version has no images, so maybe it actually does):

I’d just add it based on the video, but I can’t find anything showing the other side of the record. Even the ones that should be from the other side show this side. Do you all have any suggestions on tracking down more info? My searches aren’t getting anywhere.

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Bit of a mess all right. I have a subscription to and found a session there under the name of Maxwell Davis (as band director) that was released on Crown 5047, “A Toast to Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey”. Discogs has several versions of that with varying tracklists; includes “Swanee River” but is obviously not where that YouTube label came from. I gather Crown was one of those budget labels that reshuffled and repackaged the same material over and over.

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I’ll take a closer look at that, thanks.