Help to organize two releases: {SACD+DVD} and {CD+DVD}

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Here are the two releases:

I have both, so I can tell that these releases have identical content.

The CD and SACD content is correct in the database.

However, the DVD content is wrong. They database entries differ from each other, and neither is quite correct. I am not confident that I can make the updates and get it right.

Here is the track list from my rip of the DVD:

1 Depeche Mode: 1987–88 - Depeche Mode (37:04)
2 Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode (4:47)
3 The Things You Said - Depeche Mode (4:03)
4 Strangelove - Depeche Mode (4:55)
5 Sacred - Depeche Mode (4:48)
6 Little 15 - Depeche Mode (4:19)
7 Behind The Wheel - Depeche Mode (5:19)
8 I Want You Now - Depeche Mode (3:44)
9 To Have And To Hold - Depeche Mode (2:52)
10 Nothing - Depeche Mode (4:18)
11 Pimpf - Depeche Mode (4:59)
12 Never Let Me Down Again (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:47)
13 The Things You Said (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:03)
14 Strangelove (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:55)
15 Sacred (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:48)
16 Little 15 (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:19)
17 Behind The Wheel (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (5:19)
18 I Want You Now (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (3:44)
19 To Have And To Hold (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (2:52)
20 Nothing (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:18)
21 Pimpf (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:59)
22 Agent Orange - Depeche Mode (5:04)
23 Never Let Me Down Again (aggro mix) - Depeche Mode (4:58)
24 To Have and to Hold (Spanish taster) - Depeche Mode (2:36)
25 Pleasure, Little Treasure (glitter mix) - Depeche Mode (5:37)
26 Agent Orange (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (5:04)
27 Never Let Me Down Again (aggro mix) (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (4:58)
28 To Have and to Hold (Spanish taster) (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (2:36)
29 Pleasure, Little Treasure (glitter mix) (5.1 mix) - Depeche Mode (5:35)
30 Agent Orange - Depeche Mode (5:09)
31 Pleasure, Little Treasure - Depeche Mode (2:53)
32 Route 66 - Depeche Mode (4:10)
33 Stjarna - Depeche Mode (4:22)
34 Sonata No.14 in C#m (Moonlight sonata) - Depeche Mode (5:36)

Could you post the full extraction log?

Where do I find the full extraction log?

You had the track list, I assumed that was an excerpt.

I used DVD Audio Extractor and as far as I know it doesn’t generate any extraction logs. It sees the DVD as anonymous titles and chapters. I listened to the tracks and used the content information from the packaging to manually type in the titles and number the tracks.

As you may know, a DVD does not have a sequential list of tracks like a CD, so listing the content as sequentially numbered tracks is open to interpretation. I assumed we try to follow the printed track list on the packaging.


Yes, that’s what we normally do. Still, how to exactly list the DVD content can be a matter of interpretation in some cases and there sometimes is more than one way to see it.

You listing above seems to be more complete and as far as I can see follows the printed track list, so IMHO it would be good to change the DVD track lists accordingly.

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OK, I have submitted the edits:

I have another question about these DVDs…
Track 22 and track 30 are both titled “Agent Orange”.
On listening, they both sound like the same release to me.
Track 30 is a few seconds longer, but it’s just a bit of extra silence at the end.
The big difference is the mastering, with track 30 about 3.5 dB louder than track 22:

How should these be handled in MusicBrainz?

Are those showing the same video?
If not, they are different MB recordings, whatever the similitude of their audio is.

Otherwise if it’s the same video and the audio is 3dB difference and has additional silence at the end, I think it would be the same MB recording, then… :thinking:

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Only track 1 on the DVD has video. The rest are audio tracks and on a DVD player they all display the same static image while playing.

Track 22 is part of the section titled Bonus 5.1 Audio Mixes, and the tracks in this section are all available in 5.1 and stereo 48kHz 24bit.

Track 30 is part of the section titled Additional Tracks, and the tracks in this section are only available in stereo 48kHz 16bit.

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The challenge is of course that DVDs have complicated structure (such as multiple selectable audio streams) which can be difficult to express by the sequential track list structure of MB media.

In most cases I think a 5.1 surround mix versus a stereo mix would be considered different MB recordings (noting which version is which in the recording’s disambiguation comments).

So the question is how do we link those recordings to a “track” that has both? Well we can’t link both mixes to the same track and there does not seem to be any suitable recording-recording relationship for this. So given these limitations I’d probably just link the surround recording only to track 22 and the stereo recording to track 30, and make a note about the selectable audio on track 22 in the release annotation if you think it is an important detail.

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In the case of tracks having 5.1 and stereo mixes, those tracks get listed twice, one with the 5.1 recording, and one with the stereo one.
That is already how the OP seems to have done it, which is fine.
The issue here is that there is a third appearance, with the “CD master” of the track, where the other stereo one could be called the “DVD-audio” master (tracks 22, 26, and 30).
For MB purposes, the two stereo tracks should likely be the same recording.

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