Help to identify release

I am hoping that someone can help me identify a release. I will share all that I have, but I will not speculate, so if the information is not purely factual and in front of me, it will not be here.

This release is in digital format found on a drive I am cleaning off to dispose of. The release is contained in a folder titled “Fever Ray 2009 (Deluxe Edition)”. Inside there is an artwork folder, a “Bonus CD” folder and the 12 recordings that would be expected on the deluxe edition (10+2 bonus). I am all good so far, until the bonus CD.

Bonus CD consists of 5 recordings as follows:
|01|When I Grow Up (Van Rivers Dark Sails On The Horizon Mix)|9:13.00|
|02|If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)|8:26.00|
|03|Memories From When I Grew Up (Remembered By The Subliminal Kid)|16:43.00|
|04|If I Had A Heart (Instrumental Edit)|2:40.00|
|05|Seven (RealDaniel Remix)|4:19.00|

That is where I get lost. I am unable to find anything with a 5 track bonus CD, much less that listing. Metadata is not too helpful. Tracks 1-10 have a reference embedded (not source but reference) to:
which seems appropriate. I cannot confirm if this was a RIP or a purchase from there. Tracks 11 and 12 show encoder settings for LAME 3.89.2 from CD, so at least those two are a RIP. The bonus CD 5 tracks have no information in metadata except for the basic album/artist/tracknumber/etc.

Is anyone aware of a release matching this listing? My interest is to add to MB if this is a verifiable thing as there is not a 12+5 listed here, or at Discogs, which puts it in question for official to me… but the recordings are here. Just in case, and to be complete, I will attach the track 1-12 listing here, should anyone need it.

|01|If I Had a Heart|3:49.00|
|02|When I Grow Up|4:31.00|
|03|Dry and Dusty|3:45.00|
|05|Triangle Walks|4:23.00|
|06|Concrete Walls|5:40.00|
|07|Now’s the Only Time I Know|3:59.00|
|08|I’m Not Done|4:19.00|
|09|Keep the Streets Empty For Me|5:39.00|
|11|Stranger Than Kindness|5:02.00|
|12|Here Before|3:15.00|

EDIT: The artwork folder has some images, but they are not release cover type images, meaning there are no barcodes, copyright or other standard elements you would expect on release artwork. They are photo type images, but do not appear to be random as the style, color set, etc all appear like they belong together.

Additionally, this is not the 12+5 where the 5 are the videos. I have that version and only the first 1-12 are a match.

Often pirated ‘deluxe’ versions are compilations where someone’s taken all the bonus tracks from the different versions and added them to the release.
I’m not on a desktop so haven’t looked for the one you’re describing but useful information anyhow.


Yes, I am aware. I do not believe this is one of the “pirate deluxe” versions you mentioned. I know exactly what you refer to… those special editions and super deluxe, etc releases where, for example, the bonus tracks from all the country deluxe releases are all combined together into one super / deluxe release. This is missing too much content for that, the official deluxe has more recordings than this one does providing 12+6 and even going into 2CD+DVD, etc. The reason I am asking here is that to me, given that it is from one of my drives used by only a few people, this release looks legit. Legit meaning if not official, a structured bootleg. Only structured releases are saved in such a way and rarely are multiple CDs in their own folder. I again do not want to speculate though, so the possibility it is “junk” is on the table. It is usually clear which are which, this one though, I cannot tell, which is odd.

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I have identified the photos in the “Art” folder. They are photos by Johan Renck from a photo shoot project. I think I will junk this unless someone is able to locate what this could be, If someone is able to identify it to be at least a reputable bootleg, let me know and I will add it. Otherwise its value is only a track listing with no real value and not worth adding to anything. None of the recordings are not seen elsewhere, so it must be either a special/limited edition, country edition, etc… or some sort of bootleg/pirate type.

I think this is what you’re looking for?

I did a search for this and found:

Looks shady, but also like it matches your track listing perfectly, so maybe it can somehow help digging up more information?

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Thanks, that does look to match. At least it is a start. Wonder where it came from. That link looks like a pirate site to me, but when I looked around, they appear to be listing actual releases vs homemade mixes.