Help to find user id

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Hi. How did you find that the ID? I tried this method and couldn’t find anything.

Have you added yourself as an artist? I didn’t find any entries searching for your forum name.

Yes, I added myself, and I have verified it via email, but then when I search for my own account, I can’t actually find it either. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

Sounds like you just created an editor account rather than creating an artist page. Creating an artist page doesn’t require you to verify your e-mail account.

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From the Editing menu, choose “Add Artist”. Then fill in your particulars. Note that an “empty” artist will be deleted automatically, so make sure to add a release or a link to your social media or something so the database bot doesn’t think your artist object is unused.


This is infurtiating. Nothing here has helped me find my musicbrainz id.

I don’t have that long number at the end of my URL.

There’s no sodding ‘details’ button on my page.

I just want to upload my music. Why do people make everything so difficult???

Give us a link to your artist page and we’ll find the number for you.
(hint - it is part of that link)

Or what is your name in the main MB Database? Who are you?

The simplest way to find your MBID is tell us who you are and we’ll paste it here for you. :slight_smile:

(This place can be a bit weird and confusing when you first try and get your head around it… but that confusion is a side effect of how much information is cross referenced here)

Hello mate, thanks for your reply. Sorry for my outburst but things like this infuriate me. I only signed up because the BBC site wanted the ID. If an MBID is something that someone will need, why don’t the makers of the site make it abundantly clear and easy to find?

Anyway, in the end I just submitted my music to the BBC without an MBID. I guess on the database we’re called thezeroconditional?

Thanks again

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I understand the frustration - this place is WEIRD when trying to understand it as a new user…

I think the problem is you are not yet on the database. That is what is confusing. :wink:

You have created an Editor’s account only. This is what allows you to add stuff to the database.

Now login as “thezeroconditional” and look at the menus. See the one that says EDITING. Click on that and ADD ARTIST.

NOW you will come to life here at MB. THAT is how you add yourself to the database so the world can see you.

That will give you the following page to fill in.

Add in what you can, and ask for help if it is confusing. Make a separate post in this forum.

Ideally add lots of External Links to your Twitter, YouTube channels, and so on.

This Database World so there are some odd rules on how some data is added. And they can be mad as they are written by geeks. Once you understand it all it will make more sense :wink:

If all else fails, RTFM

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Maybe there needs to be a “BBC Introducing FAQ for Artists”? The current guides are written aimed at us collectors and listeners to music. If the Beeb sends artists in this direction there needs to be a FAQ aimed at Artists (I’ve added “BBC Introducing” added to this threads tags so that should draw more new artists here to the answers…)

Most of the people in this thread are actual Artists trying to work out how to add themselves to this database. Their heads are in creating music which means the documentation here is not written for them at all. The confusions in this thread are not surprising.

(Note to self: work out how to add FAQs… everything needed is already in this thread)

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There is:

This is also being linked to by the BBC themselves in their e‐mails to artists, and @reosarevok links it all the time when people signing up for BBC ask about how to find their MB id to support@. It’s also been linked earlier in this topic.


Frankly, I believe that page is part of the problem. Those three notes in the middle break up the flow of the instructions and talk about finding the MBID on the Details tab before talking about creating an artist page. Instructions aimed at beginners need to be clearer and more structured than that.

My suggestion is to change that section to something like this:

Step One
Go HERE to register as a MusicBrainz editor.

Step Two
Now that you’re an editor, make sure you’re logged in and go HERE to create your MusicBrainz artist page.

Step Three
Look at the Details tab on your artist page to find your MBID.


Thanks Ivan, I appreciate your help.


I’m on the editing page. Can add our soundcloud and facebook link no problems, but it won’t let me type in our insta one for some reason. After the, it won’t let me add ‘/thezeroconditional’. Keeps adding a bunch of forward slashes.


That appears to be a bug in the parser. If you go to a blank link line and paste in the full link it seems to accept it.

EDIT: I’ve entered a ticket for this in the system:


Hi. Could you find my ID?

@Annie_Balmori If the following entry represents you

Then your MusicBrainz artist ID is c402486e-385f-47da-8d82-c505c1eeb43d .


HEY FOLKS I CANT SEEM TO FIND MY Music Brian ID. can anyone help?

Have you got an Artist page on MusicBrainz?


Didn’t BBC shut this down?

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