Help test the relationship editor on

In beta, when specifying an already present attribute (i.e. recording date “1994-09” → “1994-09-06”) by batch adding it anew, the result is duplicate credits. In non-beta the credit “merges” OK.

Disambiguations do not show. F.i. try manufactured by label PMDC and look for the French one.

Edit by @yvanzo: now tracked as [MBS-12966] Regression: Specifying an attribute to a relationship duplicates it - MetaBrainz JIRA

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Thanks! Don’t get me wrong, I do find the current approach quite elegant. However, having seen so many users butcher our forms makes me cautious. Ideally some A/B testing would help, but if that is not an option I’d go for a double clue as @IvanDobsky suggests.

Agreed - if we standardised this throughout our UI, it would be a massive improvement. At the moment, so many new users would rather make up data than leave a field empty. The “if in doubt, leave it out” maxim is not really made clear to them in any meaningful way.


I’m sorry if this has already been reported or isn’t in the proper channel.

So I was going to post about how when adding artists to an event it leaves the default setting for ‘cancelled’ selected when adding additional artists, however it seems to continue to appear even after saving and re-loading the event page.

It seems that an event that has a cancelled main performer on it automatically defaults to ‘cancelled’ when pressing the ‘+’ button next to ‘main performers’. When I add a new artist to this event the cancelled box is ticked by default, Soundset 2017 - MusicBrainz. It would be preferred the default is not ‘cancelled’.

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Thanks! That’s a good suggestion, added it to the ticket tracker as MBS-12908 and submitted a patch.


Thanks for everyone’s feedback here and on our bug tracker so far. We’ve been fixing issues reported in both places and updating the beta server in between: Issue Navigator - MetaBrainz JIRA

We’re planning to release the new code to production before the end of the week unless major issues arise.

There were a few comments here about focus management, tabbing, shift-tabbing, etc. Most annoyingly, that issue where it auto-selected values as you tabbed past the fields has been fixed. Focus should also cycle within the dialog now, so it’s possible to shift-tab to the change-direction button.


I’m getting an issue where I cannot now search for a work using the new editor… it was working this morning, hopefully just a transient issue?

(Can copy and paste MBID’s in, and can create new works fine - just cant lookup existing within the form), can you please provide steps to help us with reproducing it, as we cannot reproduce it systematically at the moment, here or in a ticket?

Do I assume the beta server is a slower server? I get more hangs when trying to use the Relationship editor when compared to the normal server. i.e. I click into the page and it just sits there… sometimes a reload fixes it.

Meanwhile - excellent on the < tab > sanity fixes. Us keyboarders thank you for those repairs. :partying_face: :kissing_cat:

A tiny thing - when working on the normal pages an edit defaults to Artist (as this is the most common thing we are changing). On the Beta server it defaults to Area ('cos alphabet says so)

As a follow up to that… I really like the way the Beta server remembers what you were just working on and now pre-selects that for the following edit.

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Yes beta website is served by only 3 front-end nodes whereas the main website is served by 10 nodes. However they both use the same database server behind the scene and the same search server too.

I assume that yesterday’s issues with search were transient and unrelated to beta.

I didn’t trace it back in the code but Artist is pre-selected for me when editing either artist or label on both servers. It might also pre-select the previously selected type if you are editing the same page again.

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I don’t keep cookies between sessions on the beta server. Maybe that makes a difference?

Login, Open Relationship page, click Add relationship…

Do the steps on the current server and you get this:

(Note the second test was also from a “no saved cookies” browser)

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I deleted all my cookies, logged back in and edited a release for relationships as in your beta example, and Artist is preselected. Make sure that you don’t have userscripts enabled. Check whether your latest relationship edits on beta were not about Area. If it still preselects Area, please create a ticket with more details about your setup (platform, web browser version, system/browser/website languages, any specific extension/setup) and a link to a page you experienced this bug.

Just went to a different browser, no userscripts on that one. Same steps as above to edit relationships.
Still starts up with Area. (And no, I was not editing Areas previously… this second browser has never had anything MB done on it)

Win10, Brave and Vivaldi, English UK.

But if no one else is seeing this then I guess it is just me.

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It’s not just you.

(Bypass 20 character limit)

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It just selects the first item in the list, and since they are sorted alphabetically this can vary depending on which UI language is active (for English it’s always area). Opened MBS-12915 for that.


I found a slight issue when trying the new editor out earlier today: there’s no longer a tooltip with the original name when you hover the mouse over an area, label or place that’s credited as something else.


It is likely that my language settings for beta was French while it was English for main.

Thanks, opened [MBS-12917] Beta: Credits tooltip is missing but for artist in relationship preview - MetaBrainz JIRA.

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I’ve noticed the search seems to ignore trailing space now. It was a nice shortcut to trigger the search:

Can reproduce:

  1. Go to relationship editor
  2. Click “Add related work”

Also recently filed

Is this intentional?

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on the new beta, I’ve got a pretty big bug on mobile (Chrome), already a ticket

Works/recordings with a specific order appear rather random in the work column of the release relationship editor:

Previously they were ordered alphabetically:

When adding a relationship to a collapsed list it might be added to the collapsed portion and the user won’t see it was actually added unless the existing relationships are expanded.

Try steps at [MBS-11886] Series > Series 'subseries' relationship bug/strange behaviour - MetaBrainz JIRA

Old experience:

New experience:


Spotted and reported another seemingly sporadic issue: