Help! Someone added false info to my artist page last night!

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Please @Freso or another admin can you help?

Last night at 02:04 this user automatically applied false info to my artist page, view the edits page Edit #41615332 and Edit #41615331. The user linked my artist page to his wikidata page and also he falsely claims that my music is available for purchase at his Google Play page.

I am scared! What do I have to do now? Report the person for bad behavior? I am afraid to do so, because maybe the person is not guilty at all, and he perhaps made a mistake because he does not understand English?

Right now I am :sob: :scream: :astonished: and very worried about what will happen next hours not only to my pages but also to pages from fellow user/editors!

Thank you @chirlu for removing the spam edits from my page and for your informing notes to the person, hopefully it will help!


Don’t be afraid to report editors. I’ll look into the case and determine what to do on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes I decide to do nothing at all (because things have worked themselves out), sometimes I ask the reporter to have a bit more patience, sometimes I reach out to the reporter editor to clarify any misunderstandings they have. Just because an editor is reported it doesn’t mean they get instantly banned.


Thank you @Freso for explaining, I am more relaxed now :relaxed:

Have a happy evening!