Help setting artist types?


I have been going through some datasets and made a list of all artists that the BBC have images for but are missing some basic data:

  • Artists without a type
  • People without a gender
  • Artists with Wikipedia entries, but no Wikidata ID

The fact that they have images, should make it easier to pick a type and gender - although we shouldn’t assume that the BBC got it right.

I have put them all in a spreadsheet:

This is a bit of me being a pedantic completist - not sure how useful it is!
Is anyone interested in helping me fix them?




Nobody interested?

Too boring?

Could I make it easier in some way - like adding Artist names to the spreadsheet?

It is probably just that all editors have their own things they work on. I might pick some up, maybe.

Anyway, I don’t much like messing around in spreadsheets. A report in HTML à la would be much nicer to work with for me personally. And yes, the MB Artist ID column is a bit superfluous as the ID is listed again, as a link, in the next column. It would probably be nicer to have the name there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Freso.

I have added a Name column to the spreadsheets and hidden the MusicBrainz ID column (it is used to generate the links).

I don’t suppose there is a way of generating custom reports?

I have made some progress on this and have now assigned types/genders to the 1380 artists in my spreadsheet:

Excited to discover that you can insert images into spreadsheets!


These changes have now been submitted to MusicBrainz using my personal username ‘njh’.

All tidied up now! Phew!


Thanks for all your work on this! :raised_hands: :bow:


It’s not that people don’t care, it’s definitely because we have our own ridiculously long to do lists… Keep it up!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I think group tidying projects could be a great community building exercise @Freso