Help Please - noob question - how to install/use MusicBrainz freedb download?

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I downloaded the “basic” database mbdump.tar.bz2 - but no idea what to do with it.

Have CDex on Windows 10 (64-bit) - (which has Local freedb) - how do I “install” the database so CDex can use it, please?

Sorry for the very noob question - but I cold not find this simple thing in the documentation or MusicBrainz website.

Be grateful for simple instructions, or a url pointer to the page of instructions?

Many thanks for any help.


That dump file is not a freedb dump, it is part of a dump of the website and would allow you to run a full mirror of the website.

Musicbrainz did have a freedb comparable gateway that it operated for 11 years but this was shut down last year. see freedb-gateway-end-of-life-notice-march-18-2019

It does not look like CDex supports musicbrainz so you could file a bug with them or try using another ripper that support musicbrainz.

Musicbrainz has a public api that programs can use to pull metadata and tag music.
See this list of MusicBrainz_Enabled_Applications for rippers and music taging software that uses musicbrainz data.


Sorry for my tardy reply -

Thank you for the clarification.

I thought I’d post my installation of a LocalCDDB for CDex.

Please remember I am a total noob in all this, and even now really had no idea of what I was doing - so any feedback comments are welcome.

Having been told MusicBrainz’s freedb was not supposed to be compatible with CDex - I had downloaded the actual freedb database - freedb-complete-20200301.tar.bz2

Put on an external (portable) HD, and on a whim tried to expand/unpack it on Windows 10 PC (not Unix/Linux) used 7-Zip.

Took nearly 12 hours to uncompress it (not a slow PC - i5-8400 cpu, 8GB RAM) - quick peek in the uncompress folder seem to show the same structure as the default LocalCDDB directory in CDex - C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\CDex\LocalCDDB\

Let it run to uncompress.

By lunchtime today - 7-Zip had finally finished. Renamed the directory/folder to LocalCDDB and located it in the root directory of the portable HD - went into CDex as administrator and changed the location of the LocalCDDB to the newly extracted directory.

Lo-and-behold as soon as I put a CD in to CDex - it almost immediately showed the CD information - like I did a remote query with freedb, but much, much quicker.

This was so quick that I thought perhaps I put in a CD I had ripped before, and the info was already in the LocalCDDB.

Tried another - and the same instantaneous thing happened - which confirmed CDex was getting the info from the LocalCDDB!

It does work for me - and I really had no real idea of what I was doing.

Comments suggestions and corrections more than welcomed.

Thanks for your patience.