Help needed with understanding ASCAP data

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@Darkloke and I have been trying to understand some work entries in ASCAP with no luck. Hopefully someone with a better understanding of how the industry works can give a hand here!

On these results, with “Include alternate titles” on, there’s such a work as “Angels & Demons Cues”, alternate title “Angels & Demons Score”. Any idea what this is supposed to represent? Is it the whole soundtrack for the film as a whole?

Additionally, there’s a legal text we don’t really understand the meaning of: “Some or all of the interests in this work have been removed from the ASCAP Repertory except with respect to final written license agreements in effect on the following date(s) (corresponding to each interest referenced above): some date”. Is this relevant to MB in any way? Should we care?

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Thanks, Reo for posting this. I will add some bits of info here too.

I’m trying to edit and add exact composer/artist credits to movie/game soundtracks and right now i’m working with soundtrack from “Angels & Demons”:

As u can see we have one official (9 tracks) and “bootle” edition with 43 tracks. If we look at ASCAP then we can see that there is “ANGELS AND DEMONS CUES” listed as recording there: and under alternatives titles listed other recordings that present in that bootleg release.

My suspicion is that ASCAP stores different info about tracks that released officially and also “cues” tracks that used in the moviem but werent released officially. Also they could have the same name, but have different lenght or splitted on parts. I wonder how identify this cases and give the right credit info.

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Based on the experiences of my own musical collection…

I have officially released soundtrack CDs which have officially sanctioned tracks on them. And then I have bootlegs which include every piece of music that was in the film.

It is a copyright \ reselling issue. When a Soundtrack CD is produced there is always an argument about the music that is allowed to be put onto the CD for sale. Often much of it has to be left off because agreements can’t be made.

I have Bladerunner and Highlander disks that are especially complex in this way. The official releases only have small fraction of the full soundtracks.

This also happens at an official level too. A neat example is Withnail and I

Notice there are two different versions of the same disk here. The earlier 1999 release includes all the Hendrix and other artists. The 2006 release only includes the music written uniquely for the film. Clearly the licences have lapsed.

So I think that ASCAP site is using complicated legalese to say something like this. (I tried looking at the site but it is too weird for me…)

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The legalese is more there to say that you should not blame ascap if there are any mistakes or omissions in the data.

It looks like there are a few entries there and it does look “GOD PARTICLE” is an alias for “ANGELS & DEMONS CUES”

The best way to sort this out is to look at the entry in other databases that might help you fill in the gaps.
Ascap contains the iswc but it is not in the right format as it is missing - and . it should be in the formaat
If you use and do a search for the iswc T-902.366.216-0 you get the entry with a bit more information and this confirms the aliases.

I used in my researches as well, but sometimes results afrom there re messy for me.

As for this current recording i still suppose that these are two different works - they have different duration and ISWC. I suppose one is credited as unreleased track for “inner” use, while other is released via soundtrack.

Though honestly i still dont understand this system and would be glad if someone could help me with this stuff. :slight_smile: