Help needed with adding new Metallica - Load Disc ID

Hello everyone,
I would welcome some help with identifying the correct release to add this CD to.
The CD itself is visually different from all of the other releases, so I’m thinking it might be a bootleg:

Looks like this?

Found it on there using the catalogue number to search, but certainly looks just the same.

Also a noticeable lack of copyright details on the front of that CD. In fact lack of ANY company details.

It looks like a homemade CD-R with a round paper printed label glued on it.

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I had noticed that pitting in the paintwork. Does this CD even play I wonder?

The oily colours on the Discogs image did also make me think “CD-R” but you can’t see where the burn has ended.

Oh, the pitting is just a reflection of my wall. :sweat_smile:
The CD itself is fine.

I’m thinking of putting this up as a bootleg with Bulgaria as a release (so essentially just copying the Discogs item).

Haha - wall reflection is a new one on me. I did wonder… :grin:

And yeah, copying Discogs seems sensible here. Just add what you know.

Does yours have paperwork? Or just a bare CD?

I do have it’s jewel case. It has the same front, back and spines as most releases of Load.
It does not contain a proper booklet and the tray is just solid black plastic.
I do not have a receipt or anything else.

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Ok, added with this release here. Will mark this solved in a couple days.


If you are on Linux or cygwin under Windows “cdrecord -atip” will give you the CDR and burn information. I usually add that into the edit notes when I add a CDR.

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