Help needed: new release group for "It Never Rains in Southern California: The Very Best Of"?

Does this release really belong to this release group? Apparently, there are several compilations by Albert Hammond that are named “It Never Rains in Southern California”. The problem is that the tracklists are pretty different.

Side remark 1: Another release should probably also get its own release group.
Side remark 2: The release in question should probably be merged with this release, right?
Bonus question: Is the title of the release (It Never Rains in Southern California: The Very Best Of) correct? Or should it rather be

  • It Never Rains in Southern California: The Very Best of Albert Hammond
  • The Very Best of Albert Hammond: It Never Rains in Southern California

I am asking because the spine says “The Best of Albert Hammond”.

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I think the answer to all of the above is yes, except that I would start by putting the first release you mention in the same Release Group as the one you propose merging it with. You can sort out whether to merge them once you can see them side-by-side.

The first title option you give is correct. “The Very Best of” is an incomplete phrase without the artist name.


I didn’t really examine carefully, but, I can answer this question, generally:

Compilations often use same names: Greatest Hits, Best Of, Golden Hits or, like here, the name of one of the artist’s iconic songs.

Even if the title is the same, it does not mean much when the content is different, and should not share same release group.


Okay, thanks for the input! I’ve created a new release group.

Never mind, sorry. They both need a new one don’t they?

@psychoadept: Yes, I think so.

I looked at the edit history and it seems like the origin of the release group might have been one disc of that release, but at this point it seems just as well to leave it with that release mentioned in the disambig. Probably the other release on there needs to be moved too. What a mess :slight_smile: